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Top Picks for Most Requested Themes!

Our top picks for "Most Requested Themes" ranges from the sweet and romantic to the totally bad ass erotica.  The majority of the books listed are categorized by the male protagonist  but in some cases the description refers to the female, so check out the reviews so you know what you are getting into.  

I get requests all the time for suggestions for specific themes. So, we have compiled a list in the most frequently requested categories that we have awarded 4 or more stars.  These books range from super smut to totally tame and most of them can fit in several of the categories listed below, so I just picked the best fit.  Click the cover or link to check out the review!

Here's our top picks for categories you want more of:


Geeky Freaks

 photo 16000948_zps27c1b02f.jpg photo 11469320_zpsaf8c3ca0.jpg photo 15702938_zps5efcb388.jpg  photo 10126914_zps899c45de.jpg photo 11455923_zps9293764b.jpg  photo 12482913_zps234e9b86.jpg photo 73066_zpsaa9543b5.jpg photo 12531317_zpsedcd0117.jpg 
 photo 16086424_zps50bb3ae0.jpg

Making Him Sweat

Highly Rated & On Our "To Read" List:
Extreme Love
The Fighter's Block

(Coming Soon...)

Men in Uniform
(Coming Soon...)

(Coming Soon...)

Super Alphas 
(Coming Soon...)

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