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Wicked Game by Mercy Celeste

Wicked GameWicked Game by Mercy Celeste

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"Property of Number 4 Miami Football." Where do I sign up for that gig? Just tell me when and I'm there!

Who knew temping at a nanny agency would land you in the lap of luxury and the lap of one of football's most eligible bachelors? Certainly not the recently unemployed Cass Pendleton and she definitely didn't think that lap would belong to her childhood nemesis, Jaime Dalton. Cass and Jaime have been bickering since they were 5 years old when he pulled her hair and she knocked him out!

Jaime's schedule is out of control and he is in desperate need of some help to keep all his appointments in order. Who better to "handle his business without handling his business" than his lifelong adversary and plain jane, Cass Pendleton? He is confident that the saucy and energetic blast from his past is not after any of the things most women who surround him are after—his money, his time and a big, fat diamond ring to decorate their finger. No, he is convinced he is totally safe! The more time he spends with Cass, however, the more he realizes that she is everything he needs. Like any great quarterback, he is busy running offense - determined to score big and earn the right to touch up and down Cass' luscious body.

Jaime is a superstar football player who's accustomed to winning and the goal he is aiming for is Cass, but she isn't like all the other women who easily fall under his spell. Once he realizes she isn't as easily tempted, he sees it as a challenge--a challenge he plans to win. Cass puts up a tough front as a heavy hitter on defense, guarding her heart from the heaviest hit of all. What he doesn't foresee is falling victim to his own WICKED GAME.

The banter between these two was top notch. Their rhetoric was so hot it made me giddy with delight. All Jaime had to do was turn on the charm and there's no woman in the world who could refuse to submit to the demands spewing out of his hot, dirty little mouth. When Jaime speaks, panties drop. What are we playing touch or tackle? I will gladly be the "Property of Number 4 Miami Football" and I'm pretty confident you will too.

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