Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Penthouse Heat

Penthouse Heat
Penthouse Heat by P.A. Moore

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Right now, I'd like nothing better than to grab a handful of that thick bush with one hand and a handful of your thick ass with the other."

Yeah, I can get down with that! That's the kind of heat author P.A. Moore was bringing in PENTHOUSE HEAT, and that was at only 7% into this book! And if you knew the topic of the conversation they were having leading up to that statement... OMG! Panties on fire!

The two main characters, Celeste and Ken share the floor dubbed the "Penthouse." The living quarters separate, of-course, but they are the only two to occupy the entire floor. Celeste is still mourning the loss of he husband, but at the beginning stages of contemplating the possibilities of dating again. Dating is sure to be just like riding a bike... once you've done it, it comes back to you quickly, but it's taking that first leap that has her feeling a bit apprehensive.

Enter Mr. "Smooth Move & Confidence" himself, Ken. When the hunky football player starts putting the moves on her, she's not sure if she should just go ahead and get nekkid or run away and lock herself in her apartment. I would have probably just stripped right then and there, because Whew! His talking tongue is wicked and I can only imagine what else he can do with it! Ken's definitely got the smooth talker down to a science, but it's going to take a bit more than that to snag a woman like Celeste. Is he up for the challenge? What do you think? He's accustomed to women falling all over him and he is definitely not letting this one get away!

PENTHOUSE HEAT was a great read. It was sexy. It was romantic. It was so much fun! There were parts that made me cringe in apprehension and parts that made me squeel. If you love a good erotic book, then you are missing out if you haven't picked this one up!

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