Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review: Nowhere

Nowhere by Marysue G. Hobika

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

NOWHERE quickly entices readers with the age-old hook of opposites attract, but this story is far from typical as author, Marysue G. Hobika brings the reluctant city girl, Mikayla to the country town of Railroad Mills.

The fastest way to rock a teenager’s world is to force them to pick up their action- packed city life, leave their friends in the middle of their senior year and move to a town so small there’s not even a red light! Yeah, that is exactly what Mikayla, or “Mike” as her friends called her, is forced to endure when tragedy strikes.

Mike is a feisty one and I love that about her! A tomboy at heart, she is the polar-opposite of her sister, Emma. While Mike initially resists the allure of the small town atmosphere, Emma seizes the opportunity to flaunt her stuff and “own” the school as one of the popular kids. Mike’s miserable attitude is tolerable because she is suffering a terrible loss, but her negativity was beginning to wear on me there for a minute. When she finally pulled her head out of her butt, the transformation of her mindset about “Nowhere” was a pleasure to watch as the distaste morph into adoration of the small town pleasures Railroad Mills has to offer. One of those small town pleasures just happens to be none other than the hot-bodied, faded denim clad, cowboy boot wearing James Muldoon – now THAT is something that just might be worth sticking around for!

James, also known as Dooner, is a doll! Dooner is the kid you would love for your daughter to date and the boy you would want your son to be like. He’s been in “Nowhere” his entire life and he is itching to go somewhere, anywhere other than another small podunk-town like Railroad Mills. As the local football star, he is praying for a scholarship to take him to better places – that is until he caught sight of the long-legged beauty he comes to know as “Mike.” It is obvious from the get-go that Mike is going to be a challenge, he can see the fire in her eyes and he can’t wait to feel their burn.

Growing up in a small town, I could totally relate to some of the antics these teenagers got into on a quest to entertain themselves. Marysue G. Hobika concocts a believable and entertaining story with a wonderful cast of characters in NOWHERE. It is a great story that is sure to please those who love a feel good romance, at any age.

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