Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: Reaper's Property

Reaper's Property
Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“They’re bikers. I think they might be dangerous. They look like murderers to me, but I’d like to think I’m crazy on this one. Tell me I’m being paranoid, please.”

That’s Marie’s first impression of the very dominant, very alpha, very bad-assed man and motorcycle club member called “Horse”. Want to know how he got the nickname? Care to venture a guess? Either way, read the book to find out for sure, it will be well worth your time, I promise!

“I’m in charge here, don’t forget it.”

Uh, yes, this is exactly why this man called “Horse” works really well on paper, but would wear permanent claw marks in real life if he lived under my roof – but I think that might turn him on, so I might need to rethink my plan of attack against this over-the-top-dominant-man if he ever makes plans to move in with me – hmm… not sure what to do with my current husband, since Horse isn’t much for sharing and neither is the current (not so dominant or I would kill him) love of my life…

“You’re cute when you’re pissed. Kind of like a wet kitten. Gets me hard.”

See? Case in point. Yeah, well, he hasn’t seen my claws yet.

For me, “Horse” is a purely fictional, good on paper, fantasy lover. Motorcycle bad-boys, uber-dominant men who are protective to the core and believe when they say, “Jump,” the women in their life should say, “How high?” If this turns you on, then this is one book, you have got to read – I promised it will fulfill all your bad-boy fantasies.

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