Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Rule

Rule by Jay Crownover

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hot Damn! Rule is a deliciously bad, bad boy! Sweet Shaw is a good little rich girl trying hard to please everyone but herself. So, what sweet girl doesn't like the idea of a bad boy? What happend when that "idea" turns into reality? I will tell you exactly what happens... a whole lotta hotness!

Shaw Landon has been in love with Rule Archer FOREVER! She's been drooling over him inside, but hides her lust behind the disgusted scowl she wears on her face when around him. When she finally decides to take the mask off, the questions start flying. Her explanation to her friend about their budding relationship is "it's complicated" - Ha! That is the understatement of the century! Her friend sums it up way better than I ever could have:

"Oh honey when they look like that and exude that kind of do-me, do-me it always will be."

Yeah, it's complicated, but it is sexy and fun. Along with all the ink on his body and metal in his face and *ahem* err... other places, comes the bad boy attitude and type of dominance and possessiveness that makes other boys definitely NOT want to fuck with his woman!

He thinks being in Shaw's life for good means he has to clean up his act, but what she really wants is the man she has loved her entire life. Being good is tough and being bad comes easy for Rule.

" ...I’ve been minding all my p’s and q’s and let me tell ya I had no idea how many of those little fuckers there were..."

Get it, because it is a fun and sexy ready and loved it down to the last page!

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