Welcome to the Dark Side of Erotica

Top Picks Dark Erotica

Love to read books that focus less on traditional romantic elements?  These books lean towards the darker side of erotica.  The stories told weave a delicious blend of pulse pounding fear and apprehension with lust and desire.  

They may involve themes that include, but are not limited to:  captive, non-con, dubious consent, forced seduction, humiliation,  total power exchange, bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism and more.

Here are our top picks - books we rated 4+ Stars:

 photo 12541075_zps39c39075.jpg  photo 7920450_zps9839348d.jpg  photo 12368985_zps8b465975.jpg

 photo 15748293_zps82c0fa3b.jpg  photo 9922980_zps004e26af.jpg  photo 17569384_zps771d390b.jpg

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 photo 15300742_zpse256cae7.jpg

Top Picks Dark Erotica - Training Wheels Edition 
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