Saturday, December 24, 2011

Review: Mercy

MercyMercy by Annabel Joseph

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

MERCY is one of those fantastic, but slightly twisted reads that leaves you feeling excited and a little confused about why you enjoyed it so much.

Millionaire Matthew and dancer Lucy begin their relationship as master and slave in a very business like fashion. Matthew explains what her role as his submissive would be like with such clinical detachment that it truly boggled my mind and it was obviously just as confusing to Lucy...but it was also very exciting. Watching their relationship grow was an interesting and erotic journey, but also disturbing at times. I found myself struggling with Matthew's actions and questioning his ability to make rational decisions about all matters relating to Lucy. I had to constantly remind myself that their behavior was just part of and specific to their D/s relationship.

In order to preserve the surprise ending, I won't address specifics, but the path Matthew eventually chose to take their relationship was quite shocking to me and really crossed a line - violating Lucy's trust and rights as a human being. I was disgusted with his choices. Then I had to remind myself that he was like this from the beginning....teetering on the narrow ledge between the obsessive / stalkerish tendencies that he so commonly displayed and the admiration and love he obviously felt for Lucy. As much as Lucy and Matthew's behavior disturbed me, it kind of excited me too and I was ultimately pleased with the story.

If you want an erotically dark read that is sure to leave you struggling with your emotions long after you have finished, then look no further than MERCY.

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