Thursday, October 2, 2014

4 STAR #REVIEW: Losing Logan by @AuthorSherry

Losing Logan by Sherry D. Ficklin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

LOSING LOGAN is true young adult fiction with a paranormal twist.

Zoe loses her childhood friend, Logan, when he mysteriously dies at a young age but soon realizes she is the only one who can still see him. Trying to help Logan figure out why he hasn’t been able to move on into the afterlife, Zoe starts investigating Logan’s death (accident) and quickly realizes it was no accident at all. Logan suggests that the only way to get to the bottom of how he died is to infiltrate his popular group of friends, so Zoe asks her best friend for help her with a makeover that will allow her to become one of the cool kids. Before long she’s caught up in a murder mystery that is expanding/growing and she may become the next victim if she’s not careful.

Losing Logan was fun, flowed well, and sped by. The plot was action-filled and there wasn’t any excess fluff to bog down the story. Zoe was a spirited, snarky heroine—just right for a young adult novel. I enjoyed the mystery, suspense, and paranormal aspects and thought each was well integrated without being over-the-top.

My only critique would be that I would have liked a little expansion on how Zoe felt after she and Logan drifted apart as adolescents. The way it was stated, I didn’t really feel like she had any lingering emotions or feelings about him when he died so for her to develop such strong feelings for him and to have such a critical part in his after-death experience seemed a bit inconsistent. 

Losing Logan is a fast-paced, action-packed, sweet young adult paranormal romance. It would be hard not to enjoy such a fun story.

**Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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