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4 STAR #REVIEW and #GIVEAWAY: The Rules Regarding Gray by @ElizabethFinn77

The Rules Regarding Gray by Elizabeth Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE RULES REGARDING GRAY is an aptly titled story about a ballet dancer who has let her life pass her by in her dedication to her career and what happens when she throws caution to the wind and steps outside her comfort zone.

Gray has never allowed herself to focus on love, romance, or sex because ballet took up every minute she had. So now she’s at the latter part of her career and she’s finding that her life feels like it’s missing something. She’s bored, under-challenged, underwhelmed. When her boyfriend, Ian, suggests they liven things up with a threesome with his best friend, Jas, Gray is horrified. But then, she’s kind of intrigued, too. She can’t deny her attraction to Jas, but she’s also not sure she’s capable of keeping her emotions out of the equation. Nevertheless, she’s determined to live a little and she decides to give the threesome a try. Ian immediately implements a ton of ground rules for Jas that might have been fine if he didn’t start to slack on his own boyfriend duties almost simultaneously. Before long Gray is seeing all the flaws in Ian and all the attributes in Jas. Jas and Gray are both loyal and trustworthy to those they love, but everyone has their limits.

THE RULES REGARDING GRAY is first and foremost sexy. Jas is sensitive, caring, and attentive and the romance between him and Gray was sizzling and ever-present. Ian on the other hand was a complete jerkwad and I couldn’t believe it took Gray as long as it did to get rid of him. To be completely honest, I was ready to throw him out when he was going over the rules for the threesome. He talked about Gray like she was a prize horse to be bred, with no opinion or say in the matter. It was atrocious. As a whole, he was arrogant, self-centered, and belittling to Gray and his only redeeming quality was his best friend, Jas. I understood Jas’ loyalty to Ian though, especially given their long history and Jas’ trust issues. It takes a lot for Jas to let someone in and so I understood the opposite to be true as well; he wasn’t one to just throw away someone he’d been friends with for so long.

I did have a few minor issues with the story. I felt like some of the mannerisms were over-used: smirking, head bobbling, and humming. It became a bit too redundant, especially the head bobbling since I’m not familiar with that mannerism in the first place. Secondly, and I may get stuff thrown at me for saying this, but I thought there was a little too much sex. It got to the point that it felt like it overpowered the story and I really enjoyed the story for what it was so I didn’t think it needed quite that many sex scenes. I still would have thought it was scorching hot and still would have believed the romance developing between Jas and Gray.

My absolute favorite part of the story, and the scene that had me debating on rating this 5 stars, was Jas and Gray after their fallout. It was so emotional and passionate and their reactions were so powerful and full of personality that it took my breath away.

All in all, I found THE RULES REGARDING GRAY to be entertaining, romantic, sexy and enjoyable. I loved Jas and Gray and hated Ian. I’ve always enjoyed Elizabeth Finn’s work and once again she did not disappoint.

**Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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