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5 STAR #REVIEW: The Kiss of Deception by @marypearson

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THE KISS OF DECEPTION. More like the author, Mary E. Pearson, is the master of deception!

Lia doesn’t want to be a princess anymore. She’s tired of being shoved into a mold she doesn’t fit and being forced to marry a prince she has never seen to forge a political alliance is the final straw. So she runs. She leaves her royal life behind for a simple life where she can be who she wants and choose who to marry. Lia’s new life isn’t without trouble as there are dangerous people looking for her and she’s not aware the intriguing men she’s come to know are not who they say they are. One is the prince she left at the altar and the other is an assassin sent to kill her. As she tries to adjust to her new life as best as she can, secrets begin to unravel and the ancient documents she stole from her kingdom may be more important than she realized. Nothing is as simple as she hoped they could be and she’s in grave danger. The kingdoms are on the brink of war, and fleeing her marriage may have tipped the scales. 

The best word to describe Lia is rebellious. Her whole life, she has tried to fight the role she was born into and just when it seems as though she lost the fight and is being married into a kingdom her family can not even trust, she displays the biggest act of rebellion yet. Fleeing on her wedding day was the ultimate betrayal to her family and the largest insult to the family she was to marry into. But she doesn’t care. She is a person who deserves to have a life of her own and she refuses to believe that her duty as a princess is a burden she must carry. 

I really felt for Lia and admired her strength to take control of her life. You would think that when she flees to make a simple life serving at an inn the story would be boring, but when the handsome and mysterious Rafe and Kaden enter the picture it’s anything but boring. The suspense, deception and intrigue had me reading nonstop and avoiding all responsibility until I had finished. I love being thrown into a new world with traditions, customs and people so different from real life that you get lost. And I was totally lost in this story. 

Deception. This word is sooooo important. I can’t explain further, but trust me. I was thrown. 

I’m hooked and I need to find out what Lia will do with the secrets she has discovered. The ending wasn’t so much a cliffhanger, but a resolution that there would be so much more and I can’t wait to find out. 

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