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5 STAR #REVIEW: Bittersweet Deceit by @BlakelyBennett

Bittersweet Deceit (Bound by Your Love, #2)Bittersweet Deceit by Blakely Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ding-Ding-Ding!! Folks, we have a winner!

The second installment of the BOUND BY YOUR LOVE series, BITTERSWEET DECEIT by Blakely Bennett is quite the ride on the emotional rollercoaster, frustrating at times, but oh so much fun! If you haven’t read the first book, STUCK IN BETWEEN, then do yourself a favor and read it first. Although both books definitely stand on their own, there are a few side stories in BITTERSWEET DECEIT that continue from book one. So, your reading experience will be enhanced if you get to know more about the characters and their situations and that can only be achieved by reading them in order. I totally love the characters in this series; they are a rare treat!

Love, love, love Lainie, but man! She is so naïve! I really kind of wanted to smack her around a bit just to see if I could knock a little sense into her… Despite her massive lapse in judgment – willingly dating a married man – she really is a good person; sweet and caring - any man would be lucky to have her. Lainie is in deep with said married man, Mason – he is a total douchebag; successfully feeding her a truckload of bullshit and she rolls around in his BS like a happy little piggy.

You might remember Stay from book one; he is a total doll. Excellent boyfriend material and he only has eyes for Lainie, but she is blinded by the feelings she has for Married-Mason. Stay is a patient man and nothing if not persistent – in a quiet and unassuming way he slowly worms his way into Lainie’s heart. I LOVED Stay’s story – author Blakely Bennett might have created the perfect man when she concocted Stay, but underneath all that sweetness and patience, he’s a God among men in the bedroom. I mean HOT DAMN! He’s definitely got a special talent in the bedroom – and he has a shockingly dominant side that pleased me to the core!

Did you have anal sex with Mason?”
My eyes widened. “I’ve never had anal sex.”
“Anal play?”
I shook my head and said, “No.”
“How does your pussy feel now?”
“Very hot.”
“Are we done?” I asked.
“No. Did you have rough sex with Mason?” He used
my foot to drag me to him, situating me onto his lap, his
legs straight out underneath me. His hard cock bobbed
behind my back.
“Maybe during two role playing scenarios, but I don’t
know if you would think so.”
He spread my thighs and dipped his fingers passed my
labia. He whispered into my ear, “You’re already mine;
you just haven’t accepted it yet.

Common theme in the BOUND BY YOUR LOVE series (so far) is the love-triangle – done very well, I might add! BITTERSWEET DECEIT is definitely a winner in my book – it was practically perfect! Trust me: you are going to love the characters and the story that author, Blakely Bennett has so carefully crafted – you are definitely going to want to check this series out!

SIDE NOTE: I truly feel that author Blakely Bennett is a rare breed among authors – she seems to always be growing and changing. Where many authors stick to what has always worked for them, Blakely doesn’t seem to be afraid to try new things with her writing and I think she has done this quite successfully so far! She’s got a little bit of everything currently published. In addition to the BOUND BY YOUR LOVE series, there’s the MY BODY Trilogy , it’s is a story of BDSM that *might* lean towards the more extreme for those who are new to the genre, but I quite enjoyed it. Then there’s THE DEMARCATION OF JACK, which was a collaboration of authors Blakely & Dana Bennett - loved it, that was a 5 star read for me and a great contemporary romance with all kinds of drama.

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Unknown said...


Love, love, love your review and your great compliments. I'm super thrilled that you enjoyed my latest novel so much. Back to the drawing board, as they say!

I hope you are having a fabulous summer, you just made mine better.

Warmest hugs,

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Thank you, Blakely! I really enjoyed it! I can't wait to see what you have going on next and if you say it's a children's book, I might cry ;-) Your books are always a treat :-D

Unknown said...

Me? Children's book? LOL! No. :P
I'm working on two novels right now. Blue Persuasion, which is the next book in the Bound by Your Love series and The Second First Chance, which is a steamy romance. ;) Definitely getting another book out this year and hope to have them both finished before 2015. Thanks again! <3

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

LMAO! Ok whew! I was just thinking how WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX you could possible go!

Can't wait for your new stuff! Yay!

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