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DOUBLE 5 STAR #REVIEW: Make Me by @alyturn

Make MeMake Me by Alyssa Turner


Willpower is overrated.

Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, Kyle Hunter, is a Marine Corps vet, the son of a US Senator and the prodigal heir of American corporate royalty. He’s rich, smart and a notorious flirt. Kyle Hunter is also in love with his best friend. So why did he tell Manny they could never see each other again?

Manny Tescadero isn’t about to be hurt twice. He’s lost a lot and if there’s one thing he learned in Afghanistan, it’s to defend yourself and those who need you at all costs. When Rebecca Sinclair lands on his doorstep, his honor won’t let him turn her away. His heart won’t let him pretend there isn’t more to it than a soldier’s code. But new love interests aren’t part of the mission plan; not when he’s still in love with someone else.

Rebecca Sinclair has never been good at letting loose. As a librarian she has her dream job and a new start with an amazing apartment in the city that never sleeps. She thought she was happy until everything she’s worked for is gone in a flash. Turns out having it all may just mean something else entirely.

There are a mountain of reasons why they shouldn’t be together and not one stands a chance of keeping them apart.

BOOKIE'S RATING: 5 of 5 stars

I had the pleasure of beta reading MAKE ME and I have to be honest, it was pretty perfect from the get-go.

Marines Manny and Kyle are close friends, like really close friends… When their relationship turns into much more than just sharing a beer at a bar, their lives as they once knew it are forever changed. They come under heavy scrutiny for their relationship; effectively driving a wedge between them and the special bond they shared.

As Manny and Kyle struggle to come to grips with their feelings for each other, Rebecca enters the picture. Manny and Kyle have shared women in the past, but there is something different about Rebecca – she is special, there’s something about her that they can’t resist, and she effectively lures them both in and it soon becomes clear that she is the missing piece to their complicated puzzle.

MAKE ME is a fantastic story of love and friendship, heartbreak and happiness. I have read several books by author, Alyssa Turner, but MAKE ME might be my favorite; it’s hot, sexy and sweet rolled into one delicious package. This is a great book to check out for anyone who enjoys erotic romance reads with an actual plot ;-)

TABATHA'S RATING5 of 5 stars

I don’t know about you guys, but for me personally, I just love MMF ménage stories.  Something is just so very sexy having everyone in love where they place no limitations on the relationship.   MAKE ME was is splendid example of how an author can take a relationship like this, and make the reader believe that it could really work and have longevity. 

When Manny and Rebecca first meet, the sparks are instantaneous despite the circumstances that bring them together.  Unfortunately for Rebecca, Manny is still recovering emotionally from his failed relationship with his best friend Kyle after coming back from their tour in Afghanistan.  His resistance is futile as the pull to Rebecca is just too strong, but then Kyle decides that he wants him back as well.  Kyle knows he made a huge mistake when he put distance between him and Manny, but his obligations to his family are a huge obstacle in their relationship.  When he decides he can’t live without Manny in his life, he finds out that Manny has someone new in his life that he is unwilling to let go. 

These three don’t just fall into bed together, and it takes a lot of internal conflict to get them on the same page, which made for even more enjoyable reading.  I found MAKE ME to be engaging, emotional, and deliciously steamy, but the one thing I especially loved was that it was not overly sexed as so many in this type of genre tend to be.  It had plenty of heated moments between them all, but this was truly a story driven book with a great line up of characters.   I am definitely going to recommend it to all you ménage lovers out there. 

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

✳✳ Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews by Tabatha

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