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Blog Tour #Review and #Giveaway: Savage Delight by Sara Wolf

Savage Delight by Sara Wolf


Light meets dark. Secrets meet truth.

It's been three years, twenty-five weeks, and five days since Isis Blake fell in love, and if she has it her way, it'll stretch into infinity.

After a run-in with her mom’s ex-boyfriend, she scrabbles to remember what she’s lost to amnesia. Her ex-nemesis Jack falls deeper into a pit of despair, and his girlfriend Sophia does all she can to keep him to herself. But as Isis’ memories return, she finds it harder and harder to resist what she felt for Jack, and Jack finds it impossible to stay away from the only girl who’s ever melted the ice around his heart.

As the dark secrets surrounding Sophia emerge, Isis realizes Jack isn’t who she thought he was. He’s dangerous. But when Isis starts receiving terrifying emails from an anonymous source, that danger might be the only thing protecting her from something far more threatening.

Her past.

***This book contains language and sexual scenes, some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers.

***This is the second book in the Lovely Vicious series.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars



That was…

I mean, I thought…


If you’ve been waiting for SAVAGE DELIGHT to fulfill all your pent up needs, wants and questions from LOVELY VICIOUS, you’ll have to wait a little longer. There is a book #3 and SAVAGE DELIGHT, while still extremely unique in its humor, tone, and personality, is very much a bridge rather than it’s own stand-alone entity.

SAVAGE DELIGHT picks up right where LOVELY VICIOUS left off, with Isis in the hospital suffering from lacunar amnesia, which has caused her to block Jack entirely out of her memory. Jack, who’d finally started to open up to another person, is devastated by the loss, though he also blames himself for Isis’ memory loss. Isis and Sophia become friends in the hospital and I never quite knew what to think of their relationship. I don’t know what is medically wrong with Sophia, or how Jack really feels about her, or whether I can trust her. I feel bad that she only has Jack and now Isis is standing in the way of their relationship. I begrudge Jack for falling for someone else at the same time that I root for him and Isis to finally be together.

I have to admit, I’m a little frustrated that I had no idea this was a trilogy. LOVELY VICIOUS I read in one sitting and didn’t realize until I tried to hit next page on my kindle and the book was over that it was not a stand-alone. Then in SAVAGE DELIGHT, I happened to look down at 58% and instantly knew there must be a third book because there was no way I was more than halfway to figuring out all the mysteries between Jack, Sophia, Wren, Avery, and Isis. The shortness of SAVAGE DELIGHT really makes me question why it wasn’t combined with book #3 or book #1 (LOVELY VICIOUS) instead of being spread out with such devastating cliffhangers.

While SAVAGE DELIGHT is thankfully nowhere near the cliffhanger LOVELY VICIOUS was, I feel that is partly due to the fact that SAVAGE DELIGHT to me never felt like it’s own story. It is a story full of mystery and it doesn’t reveal very much in regards to what has happened or what will happen in the future. I am at a loss, but I am also still fanatically in love with Isis and Jack. Their very unique personalities were even more apparent in SAVAGE DELIGHT and continued to expand and evolve.

I give SAVAGE DELIGHT 4.5 stars because it is immensely frustrating yet marvelously suspenseful all at once. I am still desperate to see what will become of everyone in this strange circle. I would recommend that everyone who fell in love with Isis in LOVELY VICIOUS read SAVAGE DELIGHT and anyone who hasn’t started the series definitely needs to start with the first book as soon as possible so they too can fall in love with these unique characters. (Though I say as soon as possible with a touch of trepidation because I would prefer to have read all three in one sitting so I can assuage my need for answers!!!)

**Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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About the Author:

Sara Wolf is the author of ARRANGED, a college-aged romance series centered on an arranged marriage. She’s currently working on her next New Adult romance series. She’s addicted to the Vampire Diaries, loves chocolate and romantic angst, and can’t get enough of damaged heroes.

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Fire meets ice. Love meets hate. 

Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to the Buttcrack-of-Nowhere Ohio to help her mom escape a bad relationship. 

All the girls in her new school want one thing – Jack Hunter, the Ice Prince of East Summit High. Hot as an Armani ad, smart enough to get into Yale, and colder than the Arctic, Jack Hunter’s never gone out with anyone. Sure, people have seen him downtown with beautiful women, but he’s never given high school girls the time of day. Until Isis punches him in the face.

Jack’s met his match. Suddenly everything is a game.

The goal: Make the other beg for mercy. 

The game board: East Summit High.

The reward: Something neither of them expected.

**This book contains language, some of which may be unsuitable for younger readers. 

**This is the first book in the LOVELY VICIOUS series.

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