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#Review: Rebel by @Skye_Jordan 5 Stars

Rebel (Renegades, #2)Rebel by Skye Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought that Skye Jordan did a fantastic job with Rebel. Although the characters still have that explosive chemistry I’ve come to expect with her books, Rebel definitely had more tension and angst going on than Reckless. When we first meet Rubi and Wes in the previous book, instant sparks were flying with Rubi’s brazen attitude and Wes’s sexy charm. What I didn’t anticipate was just how adorably sweet Wes would be, and just how emotionally damaged Rubi really was inside.

Rubi Russo is super smart, feisty, and an undeniably sexy former model turned computer programmer. She’s lived the life of luxury all her life, but all that glistens on the surface hides a very emotionally damaged woman on the inside. Being denied love and not knowing what it is like to have someone care, she doesn’t understand what real love is. She has put up walls to keep her heart protected, and keeps men either firmly as friends or strictly one-night stands… well that is until Wes.

Wesley Lawson (aka Wes) grew up a country boy, but left small town Missouri to pursue his own dreams despite his families wishes that he do something more productive with his life. He is a stunt man for the Renegades, and loves nothing more than getting paid to have fun and push his limits. He’s always dated “sweet” girls, but he finds himself instantly drawn to Rubi’s feisty nature. After a few months of being friends, he sets out on a mission to win her heart. What he didn’t realize was just how difficult that would really prove to be.

The path to love was certainly not easy for these two, but once they got there it was oh so sweet. No matter how many road blocks Rubi threw up to keep Wes at a distance, it stole my heart the way he was able to show her just how much he cares and that they could really make this work. These two have an insane amount of chemistry going on that was very evident right from the start. Although Wes is a good ole boy, he sure can be naughty when he’s with Rubi. *winks* Now I completely understood where Rubi was coming from and I did have sympathy for her after the show down with her father, but she drove me a bit batty at times by being just a tad over the top. Wes did nicely to counter balance that, but that was the only spot I could see where I would have liked it toned down a bit. Rubi and Wes balanced each other so well, and I thought they were really a great couple. Overall, I really enjoyed this story of friendship turning into a great relationship, and I think you will too. :)

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