Thursday, March 13, 2014

#Review: Painted Blind @michelleahansen 4 Stars

Painted BlindPainted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every girl dreams of the man she’ll fall in love with, sometimes to the point of obsession. But what if, when you finally bump into him, you can’t see his face? What if he’s invisible to you? Could you fall in love without ever seeing him? PAINTED BLIND paints a beautiful picture of falling in love for all the right reasons and just how far you’d go just to see each other again.

Psyche just wants to have a normal senior year, including a date to homecoming and prom. She hopes that no one will find out she spent her summer modeling or worse that she seems to be nude in one of her shots. Aphrodite is angry over the ad Psyche did because she sees it as a mockery. She orders her son, Eros to fix it. Eros ends up needing to help Psyche escape the paparazzi and takes her into his realm. He has one condition and that condition is that she cannot see him. He tells her he will remain invisible, which means he cannot enter his realm during the day, only at night.

Psyche caves to curiosity and worry; she breaks Eros’s rule and sees his face. He banishes her from his realm. Psyche fights with Aphrodite for a second chance with Eros. Aphrodite sends Psyche on impossible tasks hoping she’ll fail. She must not see or speak to Eros until the tasks are complete. Psyche is determined to succeed; she must see Eros again. Psyche goes all around the world and into the Underworld in order to get Eros back, all to keep a love that she found when she was blind to what he really was.

PAINTED BLIND had me reluctant to put this book down from page one, I was intrigued and enjoying every second of it. It did leave me wanting more from the supporting characters. I felt that if a little bit more detail had been given to them, especially for as much as Psyche has to rely on them during her tasks, it would have made this excellent story even better. If the gods of Greek mythology interest you at all, PAINTED BLIND will keep you intrigued. Even if you’re not big on Greek mythology the love story Michelle Hansen paints with PAINTED BLIND is one for everyone.

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