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#Review: Becoming Sir by @ella_dominguez

Becoming Sir (The Art of D/s)Becoming Sir by Ella Dominguez
My Rating:  3 of 5 stars

Take a former assassin who's a newbie Dom-in-training yet who is yearning to be accepted for the man not just a killer and you have Sawyer Morrison. Sawyer was my favorite character from Ella Domingez's ART of D/S series and I was very excited to learn that he was getting his own story in BECOMING SIR.

After working with Dylan Young, Sawyer has learned that he has Dominant tendencies so he decides to learn more about the BDSM lifestyle because he believes that this is the path he should be following. His new love interest Sonya has broken things off with him because she has no interest at all in even trying to learn anything about BDSM.

Dylan and Isabel use their resources to introduce Sawyer to a submissive who will train him, then the club owner also introduces Sawyer to his slaves to Sawyer for more training.

Sawyer has some difficulty deciding who he wants to be with for awhile because after he's spent some time with his trainer Sarah, he's developed some really strong feelings for her. She's helped open him up to new experiences and forced him to be more open in his communications with other people. Made him push his personal boundaries. But he's also developed some feelings for the club owner Kerian's slave, Ciara after doing some training with her. After doing some soul-searching though he does decide that Ciara belongs with her true Master Kerian and he takes a chance and asks Sarah to be his submissive.

While I did enjoy BECOMING SIR there were some things that bothered me. There were some editing errors; some were hard to figure out what the author was trying to say. I thought that maybe it was too soon for Sawyer to be using tools like a bullwhip on an actual person after only a few hours of instruction. And for such an alpha man, I found Sawyer to be rather wishy-washy when it came to flip-flopping back and forth on who he wanted to be with.

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