Friday, March 7, 2014

#Review: Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire (The Szolites, #1)Blood Flows Deep in the Empire by N. Isabelle Blanco
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Do Gods exist and if so how much power over us do they really have? Do we really have any control over our fate and destiny or is it already decided for us? BLOOD FLOWS DEEP IN THE EMPIRE gives us a peek into what could happen if Gods are real and could fall in love like everyone else.

Salicyar / Dyletri (God of Fertility) is angry with with Aviraji (the corrupt gods) for destroying the woman he cares about and makes a vow to the Fates to sacrifice an innocent in order to get Diminithia back. However, he must wait 11,000 years before he can get her back. Ismini is that innocent. She’s dreamt about Dyletri sacrificing her most of her life thanks to Nylicia (Watcher of Destinies). She has accepted her fate despite having fallen for the man in her dreams, Dyletri. But when she ends up bonded to Dyletri to the point of it hurting her physically she choses to hide it from him because she believe he’s in love with Diminithia and her destiny is to be sacrificed.

Dyletri is forced to decide if he cares about Ismini or Diminithia and if he chooses Ismini over Diminithia what is he going to do? He promised the Fates Ismini’s soul so he could get Diminithia back but is destiny changing because he is falling for Ismini?

While I loved the concept of Gods being a part of our fate and destiny, I didn’t feel as if the Gods in BLOOD FLOWS DEEP IN THE EMPIRE were well thought out as far as mannerisms go. The Gods had their purposes and fit the personalities they were given but I didn’t feel as if they sounded like beings that had been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Their thoughts came out more like your average every day person and in my mind Gods (with experience and wisdom beyond our years) wouldn’t think like us. While this didn’t detract from the storyline, it had an effect on the feel of the story. I also thought that the love scenes could have had a bit more to them, though the last one was done very well. While I feel there may be some rough edges, I enjoyed the storyline enough to pick up the next book in the series.

In this battle of fate versus destiny N. Isabelle Blanco gives us her version of just how much fate doesn’t always equal destiny. She creates an image of Gods and how our universe was created delivering a story that entertains.

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