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Review: Taste of Insanity

Taste of Insanity
Taste of Insanity by Morenike'

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three women are recruited into the Rose program in a mental instution-the petal, the stem, and the thorn. These women are all from very different backgrounds and have very different problems, but it’s these differences that can help them heal and recover their lives.

Egypt, Andrea, and Blakely are the petal, stem and thorn of the "rose". They are in the Rosa Institute to recover from life shattering situations. I'm talking SERIOUS trauma; life-changing family revelations, rape and murder. Each woman's story is more crushing than the last and while some are there voluntarily, others must participate due to extreme circumstances. The hope of the team at the institute is that together these three women will grow and bloom-like a rose. They will undergo therapy together and separately, but their time bonding as friends will also provide them with personal growth not found in therapy sessions.

The Rose Program is run by the team of Lisa, Stephanie and Avery, all of whom have their own story to tell that led them to their current careers. These women also use their past to help patients heal and are truly dedicated to their work.

I could tell right away this was going to be a dark and somber story. The circumstances that brought these women to the Rosa Lee Institute are horrifying and at times I found TASTE OF INSANITY to be extremely emotional. The more you learn and unravel, the more you are rooting for them to pull through and move on to healthy lives. It's not just a story of sadness and despair though. It is also women learning from each other and making friendships in the hardest of situations. At first, I had a hard time keeping up with all the characters, but it eventually made for a complex story and all the characters backgrounds really lend something to the plot.

The dialogue could be hard to follow because the point of view would change continually during conversations. I appreciate reading from different points of view, but I need it to be done clearly so I'm not looking back to know who's thoughts I'm reading. It broke the flow for me at times. Other times I just had a hard time connecting to the story and characters. I couldn't live in the story. Although it’s interesting, I want to get lost in the book and that didn't happen for me.

TASTE OF INSANITY is a dark, disturbing story about women trying to find themselves and heal. Be prepared. Not for the faint of heart.

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