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Review: The Pleasures of Winter

The Pleasures of Winter
The Pleasures of Winter by Evie Hunter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

THE PLEASURES OF WINTER reminded me of a steamy version of the swashbuckling movie, ROMANCING THE STONE… I loved that movie!

When Hollywood heartthrob and notorious womanizer, Jack Winter and reporter, Abbie Marshall find themselves in the middle of a rainforest after their private jet crashes, that is when the games between the unlikely pair really begin!

I wanted to like Abbie, but she made that really hard, especially in the beginning of the book. She wanted Jack to see her as a serious journalist, but she ended up making herself looking kind of like a brat with a sense of entitlement. That is how I expected Jack to act, since he is the famous one on the Hollywood A-List.

Their time in the rainforest lasted barely long enough for Jack to realize that Abbie calls to his inner Dom and for Abbie to realize she needs someone like Jack to teach her all the discipline that has been missing from her charmed life. After have a taste of the pleasures that Winter has to offer, Abbie realizes that her fiancé, William, just won’t do for her any longer. In an interesting twist of six degrees of separation - actually, less, Abbie is unknowingly paired up with Jack the Dominant in a series of online chat sessions to ease her into the BDSM lifestyle. In person, Jack continues to play it cool and Abbie is the one running after him like a good little sub; in that respect, I felt that the balance of power was greatly tipped in Jack’s direction and I would have liked for Abbie to have maintained more of her natural spunk. I felt that her desire for Jack bordered a bit on obsession, but I suppose that is a quality Jack found appealing.

THE PLEASURES OF WINTER was an entertaining read that definitely leans towards the fluffy side of “the lifestyle.” I will definitely be reading the other books in this series as they sound equally as interesting and sexy as this first book in the series.

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