Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: My Name Is John

My Name Is John
My Name Is John by Su Ridley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Your loved one is dying; do you help fulfill his dying wishes? You have to, right? What if those wishes were sexual in nature? Could you keep the jealousy from surfacing?

MY NAME IS JOHN is the story of how a dying man spent his final days as his body was ravaged by cancer. With the help of his best buddies, not his wife, John lived it up, acting out all his sexual fantasies. On John’s first birthday after his death, his friends present his wife, Karen, with an amazing gift, a journal - a journal filled with John’s most intimate thoughts as he shares his sexual experiences. . . with his wife.

Honestly, I bristled a bit as the story began to unfold. My heart ached as his wife, Karen, discovers the details of his indiscretions in his tell-all journal, told by John and meant for his wife. My thoughts: HOW DARE HE BURDEN HER WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE IN HIS DEATH! I could not understand, for the life of me how this information could possibly help her move forward. If anything, I would think it would make her angry and bitter. How wretched of him to share this with his grieving wife.

Ultimately, I was pleased to discover that John had a master plan. As Karen progresses in the story of John’s journey, she miraculously begins the process of healing her broken heart and learns that it’s okay to live and to love again. What I once saw as a terrible betrayal transformed into a sweet and thoughtful gesture of eternal love as he showed her there truly is life (for the living) after death.

MY NAME IS JOHN will put you on edge and pull your heartstrings, but will also lift you up with the possibilities of having more than one great love in a lifetime.

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