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Review: Sleeping with the Entity

Sleeping with the Entity by Cat Devon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cat Devon combines cupcakes, vampires, heat and an extra dash of humor for her first paranormal romance, SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY.

"All the good men are taken," Daniella Delaney said. "The rest are vampires."

Cupcake entrepreneur Daniella didn't know how true her words were when she moved into Vamptown – an area humans simply knew as a quiet district in Chicago. Nick St. George, the head of the local business association, may look alluring with his dangerous good looks, but he is the opposite of receptive when Daniella refuses to reconsider opening her shop in his neighborhood.

Unbeknownst to Daniella, Nick is actually in charge of the Vamptown clan and the last thing he wants is more humans entering his district and possibly learning his secret. But Daniella is immune to mind compulsion and refuses to leave. Word quickly travels to the other vampire clans about the human who cannot be manipulated and Nick finds himself acting as protector for Daniella until he can discover what makes her so different.

My favorite part about Cat Devon's approach to Daniella and Nick's story was the humor. She would say the funniest things in what I imagined to be this dry, honest tone that just made it hilarious.

Radiating toughness and sex appeal, he had Mick Jagger-like chiseled cheekbones and fierce yet almost poetic lips.
She'd never been a Rolling Stones fan, however. She preferred her men polished and polite. Dangerous bad boys weren't her cup of tea.

"I know this is a wimpy question but I have to ask. Will it hurt?"
"Are you a virgin?"
"Then it shouldn't hurt. It's not like I have fangs on my privates."

Another great attribute of the book is the cover. I am a kindle reader through and through, but take one look at this cover and you'll know why you may want to consider getting your own paperback copy! I found myself staring at it when I was supposed to be reading and taking it everywhere I went, just so I could stare at Nick St. George. YUM – thank you, Cat Devon!

I did have a few issues with the story. The beginning started out in a way that was the perfect combination of humor, smoldering lead male, and witty interaction that I thought would be exactly my kind of vampire read. But in order to inform the reader of how this particular group of vampires existed and what their limitations were, the author has one vampire explain it to another vampire. This felt contrived since both clearly understood the mechanics of how they were able to walk in the sun and where they got their blood supply. I would have rather heard Nick's internal thoughts of how this all worked, thereby explaining it to the reader without making it obvious that's what he was doing. This sort of explanation happened several times throughout the book and it felt fake and took me out of the story's spell.

A second problem was the chemistry. While I really thought Daniella and Nick's first meeting showed all the potential of a passionate relationship forming, I just never felt it. And the sex – it wasn't hot or sexy. It just happened – it was described, and it was done. And there was enough description that I expected to feel…something.

Third and final issue – and this is kind of specific: Near the end with the bad guy, Miles says there's a delayed feed to the surveillance cameras so that he's already somewhere else. This doesn't make sense because they see him on the camera verbally responding to their questions in real time, which means he couldn't be somewhere else. I wish they'd just said he moved really fast or Miles had said that by the time you track me down here, I'll be somewhere else, but the explanation that was used just took me out of the story again.

I think the series has potential if these issues can be resolved before the second book, The Entity Within, and I for one would love to see this humorous take on paranormal romance find its groove.

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