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Review: The Prelude

The Prelude
The Prelude by KaSonndra Leigh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Playboys. Bad Boys. Any kind of boy who is bad for your mental health and stability… I love them and love to hate them. On paper, they are my weakness, but I am soooooo glad my “real life” brain is exponentially smarter than my book brain ☺ The promise of a playboy hero had me super-pumped about reading THE PRELUDE.

Will someone tell me where I can find one for myself? The bad girl in me wants to know. But the good girl sits in a corner with her little lips pursed as she shakes her head and taps her foot. Remember what happened the last time you went all foolish in the head over an accent and a pair of ripped abs?

Sexy men in pretty little packages, that’s what we are talking about here. Yes, well, if anyone is taking orders, can you find one for me too? Although I am totally down with accents and ripped abs, those are not my thoughts; those are the thoughts of Erin Angelo. In her mind, she can look, but she can’t touch. She has long since wrapped her fragile heart in a protective layer of barbed wire and is determined to avoid future heartbreak at all costs.

Erin’s professional future is looking bright. She has successfully secured a great job as a clothing designer in one of the “big four” fashion capitals of the world, Milan, Italy. Everything in Erin’s life is moving right along perfectly until the very sexy and very mysterious Alek Dostove enters her very “controlled world.” Erin’s senses are on high alert around this man, but sometimes, you just can’t avoid the inevitable.

She has the kind of face that haunts men in our dreams.

That’s just a little taste of Alek Dostove’s thoughts about the very guarded new designer, Erin. Not only is she beautiful, but also very talented, smart and just happens to be one of the few women who don’t fall at his feet in adoration. So, like most, Alek sees Erin as the ultimate challenge and of course, this makes her even more appealing.

I really enjoyed the premise of THE PRELUDE – a man who is not only sexy and wealthy, but also musically inclined – this excellent combination makes him prime material for the wet dreams of women all around the world! In the end, sadly, I was a little disappointed with Alek’s character. I was hoping for a little more playboy/bad boy than we were given. Despite my disappointment with Alek’s character, I enjoyed THE PRELUDE and really enjoyed the sassy and strong heroine, Erin especially her subtle humor. Her character really worked for me as a reader. If you are a fan of the “new adult” genre and like romance with a little cat and mouse, then this might be the book you have been looking for!

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