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Review: Red Zone

Red Zone
Red Zone by Sherri Hayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

RED ZONE sucked me in, hook, line and sinker! The story was chocked full of sexy elements I love.

✔ The hero is a hottie jock who’s a wanted man, but he’s happy being a playboy
✔ Super-strong heroine who can kick any man’s ass and look damn fine doing it – what did you expect, she’s FBI bitches!
✔ Okay… *screech* She needs a makeover THEN she looks damn fine ;-)
✔ Yes, there’s a beauty hidden under all those frumpy clothes
✔ The story’s got great sexy humor
✔ There’s a whole gaggle of hotties in the Daniels clan – so, there’s a definite promise of more to come

Let’s face it, Rebecca Carson is a beautiful woman in a predominately male profession, so I really can't blame her for doing everything in her power to tone down any little thing that points to the fact that she’s a woman. When a case ends in a suspension for Rebecca, she needs something to do and know that sitting at home for an undefined period of time is just not going to cut it. So, when her ex-partner offers her a job on a freelance-type basis, she jumps on it!

Meet hunky, pro football player, Gage Daniels. He has a stalker and who better to protect him than Ms. Carson? She can do it, she is a professional, and all she has to do is POSE as his girlfriend. Gage is a celebrity, so she has to look the part and her boxy suits aren’t going to cut it… not if they want the public to buy their shenanigans. When the charade begins is when it starts to get very humorous.

“Oh! This must be her,” he gushed. “I see what you mean. I can definitely help.” Before she knew what was going on, he was reaching for her suit jacket, trying to remove it.

She reacted instinctively before thinking it through. Within seconds, the man was bent over the kitchen island with his arm pulled tight and high along his back.

“What in the world are you doing?” Daniels demanded.

“What was he doing?”

“Jeez, lady. Relax. This is Charlie, my stylist.”

What a great visual. I can totally picture that scene. I love it when characters are taken out of their element and forced to step outside their comfort zone… it makes for a very entertaining read. RED ZONE is no exception. I also happen to totally love it when said characters think they are immune to the powers of persuasion of the opposite sex, especially when the opposite sex is master of seduction – yes, it is super fun to watch them fall… LOVE IT!

I am really looking forward to getting better acquainted with these Daniel Brothers. First on the list is Christopher… yes; you read that correctly, that’s the first book in the series. Although I am sure these books are best enjoyed in the order in which they were released, I started with book number 2 and as you can see, I enjoyed it just fine. If cocky jocks and strong heroines are your bag, then you are sure to enjoy all the sexy romance and suspense RED ZONE has to offer.

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Red Iza said...

Great visual too, thanks ! I've just added it on my list :)

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

I thought it was great! I love it when playboys fall hard :-)

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