Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: VAIN

VAIN by Fisher Amelie

My rating: ★★★★★

Amazing, maddening, humbling and romantic that just about sums up VAIN.

Close your eyes, imagine the alpha bitches from the cult classics HEATHERS, CRUEL INTENTIONS and MEAN GIRLS all rolled into one overindulgent, snobby little slut, then you have successfully epitomized Sophie Price, the main character in this captivating story.

As the "Queen-Bee" of an uber wealthy group of superficial, young adults, Sophie plays those around her with the precision a principle conductor might use in directing an orchestra, having no remorse for those she hurts in her quest to dominate. When Sophie lands herself in jail with another arrest on a possession charge, her family and court system have no mercy on her and exile her to an African orphanage to show her a very different side of life in comparison to the one she is accustomed to living.

Upon arrival, Sophie is greeted by a scowling, but handsome young man who obviously has a tremendous amount of contempt for her - he sees a self-absorbed, prissy princess. She is totally baffled by the lack of effect she seems to have on this guy they call Dingane and even more shocked by the living conditions at the orphanage as well as the maimed and disfigured inhabitants.

The trials and tribulations they are forced to deal with on a daily basis make life in L.A. seem trivial a best. Sophie's transformation during her 6 month stay in Uganda is astounding. VAIN is truly one of the best and most unique stories I have ever read - it was fantastic. This is a great read for anyone looking for an emotional story with adventure and romance in one practically perfect package.

**I say "practically perfect" because there were a moderate amount of editing issues that need to be addressed. Specifically, there were loads of missing words and the sheer volume of missing words were a bit annoying and will knock off some stars for some reviewers. It appears this is self-published so I will push the editing issues to the back of my mind when assigning a rating because I really loved the story. I did notice a "thank you" in the acknowledgements to "the editor who tolerates me" - did she edit strictly for flow and characterization or was she also responsible for copy editing? If she was responsible for copy editing, then you need a new copy editor or consider a few really good Beta Readers.

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