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Review: Twice Tempted

Twice Tempted (Night Prince, #2)Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost
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I remember thinking every book Jeaniene Frost wrote in the Night Huntress series (and spin-offs) was magic - perfect and amazing. But I think its been so long since I've read the series and I've read so many paranormals in between, that I almost worried I'd be disenchanted. Until I started...

I don't know how Jeaniene Frost does it - how does she make an archaic dragon of a man look hot? And not just sort of hot, but dripping wet, steaming hot. Throughout the book people used words like sociopath, borderline psychotic, and a crazy cruel bastard to describe Vlad. Yet I was completely smitten! Even though I was mad in ONCE BURNED that Vlad wouldn't concede to loving Leila, I thought it made TWICE TEMPTED sooo much better because of it. Primarily because Leila did exactly what she was supposed to do and put her foot down and left. Take that, dragon! And because she did, we get to see Vlad fight for what he wanted - and oh boy, did he. Just his threats alone made me tingle - he was so scary and powerful and yummy.

Then there's the action and bad guys and those parts are just as well-written and exciting as the love and relationship aspects. TWICE TEMPTED is another out of the park home run and I'm once again biting my nails waiting for the next in the Night Huntress series.
"Vlad, I—"
"Don't. Speak."
Fire erupted from his hands, climbing up his arms to his shoulders before haloing his whole body with an orange glow. I would've thought he was trying to intimidate me, except from the maelstrom of his emotions, he couldn't stop it.
"I've tried to let you do what you feel you must because I respect your bravery, but you push me too far." Another flare of fire. "Attempt one more time to willfully endanger your life, and I swear I will imprison you."
Yes, please!

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