Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Quality Candy

Quality Candy
Quality Candy by Ava Catori

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

QUALITY CANDY is just like a box of chocolates; just when you think you know exactly what you are going to get… SURPRISE! It’s totally not what you had expected!

Candace Brown has worked extremely hard to put her past behind her, but as straight laced as her life is now, that trailer park whore she used to still lurks in the shadows waiting to jump out and turn her world upside down. She has done a fantastic job at keeping that part of her life hidden, but that was before Ryan Gentry enters the picture. You see, Ryan know exactly the kind of girl “Candy” used to be and that scares the shit out of her, but he is determined to integrate himself into her reinvented life.

There were lots of things I loved about this story. I loved that it was totally not what I expected and I was pleasantly surprised. Candy is ultra-stubborn, driven and broken. Ryan is ultra-rich, equally as driven and eager to show Candy that he has exactly what she needs to become whole again. Ryan is a rare breed of male… I don’t know many in his situation who would put up with all the bullshit Candy puts him through… He is definitely a keeper. Through a series of trials and tribulations, Ryan and Candy find their way through the winding road of life – sometimes together and sometimes miles apart. I did find myself wanting to slap Candy for being a dumbass at times, but everyone is entitled to a few missteps and I found myself easily forgiving her for her stupidity once I realized she was really just trying to be true to herself and to Ryan.

QUALITY CANDY is a wonderful story about acceptance, forgiveness and learning to live in the skin God gave you. Go into this one expecting some sweet romance that’s heavy with emotion and some life lessons and you come out with a smile on your face!

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