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Review: Rogue (Shifters #2)

Rogue by Rachel Vincent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have been more than pleased with this series--although I am only
2 books into it. I like the fact that Faythe seems to be embracing her
roots & her status as possible future leader of the Pride. I have enjoyed
watching her transformation from the whiny brat-like twenty something
who is in serious need of a reality check to the more mature leader
who is learning when to hold and when to fold...she hasn't perfected
the art of diplomacy, but she is working on it.

I thought the plot of this book was great. The back story of the
kidnapped tabbies had some resolution by the end of book 1, but
there were still some pieces of the puzzle missing--they were mostly
answered in this, book 2.

Although I thought the book was solid--I gave it 4 stars and shelved it
as a "favorite", I thought there were a few holes that just didn't add up in
my mind.


So, as I said, I loved the way Faythe is maturing & seems to be embracing
her life and future in the Pride. Her independent & rebellious attitude is
starting to wear thin on my nerves. She wants to have her cake & eat it
too...the best of both worlds..among other over used cliches (that is
redundant huh?). Then again, what fun would the book be if the main
character was perfect & did everything you hoped they would do--would
probably make for a pretty boring book, right?

In book 1 she wanted Marc's & Jace's attention--never-minding what
havoc followed. She then realized that she had to choose, & she did...
correction, Marc chose for her by pretty much tearing Jace apart. She
realized that Jace would probably end up dead if she didn't start playing
it straight in her love life.

Now, in book 2 she is playing a similar game, but this time it is strictly
with Marc's emotions. He wants her commitment & a promise of a future
together & she can't give it to him. She wants all the heat & passion that
comes with the love they share, but she is scared to commit to anything
long term. Essentially, he wants her to wear a promise ring--not an
engagement ring, a silver, promise ring & she can't even give him that--
what is wrong with her? I think she is afraid she will become a "kept"
woman like she perceives her June-Cleverish, pearl-wearing, brownie
baking mother to be. In the final pages of this book, she & her mother
share a terrifying, but special moment--it seems that this experience
may be just the thing that they needed in order to bond like a mother &
daughter should. I think Faythe might be beginning to realize
that she & her mother are really not that different after all--her mother
just hides behind a very good disguise. I think Faythe could stand to
take a few pointers from her mother.

The main blunder in the story for me came at the end. I think it is
very unlikely that Luiz would be able to infiltrate Faythe's Pride's
compound completely undetected. So, this is what I am supposed to
believe: Marc & the gang were easily able to sniff out the jungle cat's
scent in the woods due to their super sensitive feline olfactory senses.
Faythe & the gang, also have super sniffers & were able to track Andrew
by the scent he left after only touching a crosswalk signal. But,
they couldn't catch Luiz's foreign scent in their own house? Riiiiiiight?
Of-course, this made for a very entertaining ending to a great book, but
highly unlikely.

I am looking forward to book 3--I know things will work out for Faythe
& her trial, but I am nervous about the journey. I am also interested to
see how things pan out between Faythe & Marc. Hoping that sweet Jace
doesn't get hurt along the way...

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