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Three Hearts One Love by Ronna Gage

Three Hearts One LoveThree Hearts One Love by Ronna Gage

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THREE HEARTS ONE LOVE is like having a delicious buffet of desserts in front of you and being able to eat them all without any of the guilt. Get ready to indulge because this is a tasty read indeed!

Dr. Karma Rodden is a smart woman--she knows better than to pass up an opportunity...or two when it is dangling like a tasty carrot right in front of her face. With a name like "Karma," I would have expected her to be a little more conscientious of the potential repercussions of dating two of the most eligible bachelors in town.

On one side, she has the sexy as sin cowboy and ranch owner, Dylan McCoy who is a great match for the animal loving veterinarian she happens to be. He is someone who can get down and dirty on the farm and look smokin' hot while doing it. I loved their down to earth interaction. They were both equally as comfortable delivering a calf as they were rolling round making love in the hay. It is obvious that he loves and cares for her.

Then, on the other side, there is the charming and polished, but dirty talking attorney, Jaxon Hollister. He appeals to an entirely different set of animal senses with his jet set lifestyle, flashy cars and pull-your-skirt-up-so-I-can-bang-you-up-against-the-wall brand of lovin'. Jaxon's cool confidence and sense of adventure was totally endearing and the thing that made him even more likeable was that he was not at all shy about letting her know that he was madly in love with her. Well, shoot! I wouldn't know which one to pick either!

She is really enjoying the best of both worlds and as long as she can keep the two paths from crossing, everything will be just shouldn't be tough to keep the two very different men separate, right? The story wouldn't be nearly as exciting if it were only that simple. You know that karma always has a way of coming back and biting you when you least expect it! When the truth is finally revealed, Jaxon and Dylan have a few surprises of their own for the two-timing vet.

THREE HEARTS ONE LOVE had me covering my eyes and and holding my breath as I waited for Karma's very steamy worlds to collide. Deception is very nerve wracking! Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Ronna Gage pulled out all the stops to end the trio's story with a bang. If you are looking for a steamy, nail biting romance that is sure to kept you on edge, then look no further!

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