Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dirty by Megan Hart

 Dirty by Megan Hart

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Wow! I was not prepared for DIRTY... It was heavy! I was expecting something "Dirty", but that's not all I got. I am always interested in the meaning behind the title of a book and I really look forward to that moment of clarity, because in a good book, there is always a definitive moment the reader can say: Ah-ha, this is where the title came from... There is, of course, a very good reason for the title, but I'm not going to ruin it for you--you'll just have to read it!

Why is it okay for men to be promiscuous? Why r they considered studs and women whores? When Elle attends a sex toy party at a friend's house, they play a daring game of 20 questions--all explicit about sexual situations and experiences. Elle does as she usually does and lies about pretty much everything. For instance, she has had sex with 78 men (like she would tell that truth to a room full of strangers). Don't tell me you wouldn't judge the girl at a sex party who admits to sleeping with that many men--YIKES! Women are conditioned to lie about such things in our society because they are in fear of being ostracized--becoming an outcast and judged for their actions. What a slut! No one typically stops to ask why is she acting out like this...what is she trying to make herself feel better about?

Elle is so consumed with self loathing she isn't even living her life. Even when the saintly Dan comes along (love him, he deserves a medal) and slowly sweeps her off her feet, she tries every way possible to push him away. I felt like Dan was taming a wild animal...slowly coaxing Ella into life one painfully slow step at a time. Obviously there is a reason she feels she doesn't deserve to be happy and I couldn't put the darn book down until I found out WHY?? This book is about sexual prowess, sexual exploration and acceptance.

When I finished reading DIRTY, I wasn't sure how to categorize it...after some deliberation, I realized I need a shelf for dark and sexy books that lack the "fluffy" tone that frequently accompanies erotic novels. Are there scenes in DIRTY that light your pants on fire? Most definitely! DIRTY is so much more than an erotic read, it is more like a great drama with some great sex and a lot of erotic drama. Get it! Read it!

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