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Review: The Collector

The Collector
The Collector by Victoria Scott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

❝Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.❞

There are different ways to interpret that old adage; I suppose it all depends on who you are talking to.

Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome...

In his own mind! Wow! Talk about a character that LOVES himself! Dante is a beast from Hell, literally, but the dark side is hidden beneath a handsome exterior and healthy dose of honest charm. That pretty little package makes for a lethal combination for those who own the souls he plans to steal.

THE COLLECTOR is a surprisingly humorous story, told in the first person – meaning the reader really gets a good look into the mind of the wicked, but charming soul collector, Dante. If you are looking for a “love at first sight” type of book, then keep it movin’, because you aren’t going to find it here!

My eyes widen at the sight of her. This is the girl Boss Man is after? She looks like a porcelain doll... beat three times with an ugly stick.

Dante has been sent to collect the soul of the good girl geek named Charlie. We learn straight away that he harbors no warm and fuzzy feelings of love and lust for the Plain Jane.

Charlie proves to be a much bigger challenge to influence than he originally anticipated. Dante thought he could just swoop right in with his dazzling good looks and demon enhanced charm and quickly and easily lure Charlie to the dark side… Errrrrrkkk! Not so fast hot stuff! Charlie is good, through and through and it’s going to take a heck of a lot more to lure her through the gates of hell!

Steal is an ugly word, Charlie. What we’re doing is letting
loose. Something you should do more often.

I was really into this book right away, but was ultimately disappointed when the story began to lag about half way through. The first person point of view was a major downfall, in my opinion. I felt like the story was a bit watered down with a lot of internal dialogue, that I felt, could have been eliminated. Although I typically love the super alpha male character, Dante's personality walked a fine line that bordered on being very unlikeable. There is a difference between a confident alpha male and a cocky arrogant prick, Dante leans more towards the latter. He was just a bit too full of himself and over the top with is self-admiration for my taste.

Even though I’m half asleep, I wonder if she’s checking me out in my boxer briefs. Then again, who wouldn’t check this out?

THE COLLECTOR was entertaining enough to hold my attention, but it certainly didn’t WOW me. If you are only interested in paranormal reads that sure to blow your mind, then this might not be the book for you. On the flip side, die-hard fans of the paranormal genre will likely love this book

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