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#Review: A SEAL's Seduction by @TawnyWeber

A SEAL's Seduction (Uniformly Hot SEALs #1)A SEAL's Seduction by Tawny Weber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hot Navy SEAL in need of TLC and a funny, sexy scientist who can give it to him. Too bad this admiral's daughter has sworn off all military men.

Alexia Pierce has rebelled against her strict military upbringing and is constantly on the outs with her parents. She has a bad taste in her mouth for military men and the secrets they have to keep thanks to her overbearing father. Now she's taken a new job researching and publicly discussing sex therapy near her family who, besides her hilariously gay brother, is humiliated with her being tied to this field.

When she first sees Blake Landon, Alexia doesn't know he's a Navy SEAL, but she knows he's gorgeous.

“HOT! HOT! HOT! There were a lot of things to be grateful for in life. Good Friends. A healthy body. Chocolate-covered caramel. All good. But not nearly as good as the sight of a gorgeous, mostly undressed man. The kind of man who made a woman very aware of all her girlie parts. The one striding along the water's edge was that kind of guy, Alexia Pierce's girly parts assured her."

Blake is on leave to grieve one of his SEAL team members and close friend. He's not interested in any close relationships due the dangerous and secretive nature of his career, but he's immediately attracted to Alexia during their brief beach encounter. Thanks to another chance meeting the two can't deny the heat between them and Blake decides he's up for some sexual healing. Undeniable sexual chemistry pulls them together...until they find out he's her admiral father's SEAL protégé!

I loved the sassy Alexia character and her loving, fun brother Michael. Alexia describing Blake for the first time was sexy and hilarious. Yummy combo. As a reader you feel Blake's inner turmoil trying to reconcile losing his friend and team member performing the job he loves. He's also super sexy and the descriptions of him in the uniforms are mouth-watering. Seriously, I had an amazing visual.

Both the female and male main characters have a voice, which was done perfectly. The secondary characters also add to the story in a very subtle way with the focus being Blake and Alexia. The only issue I have was the repetition of several phrases that made me want to start counting the number of times it was said. A little annoying, but the book was still seriously enjoyable. A SEAL's Seduction has humor, action, and a whole lot of sexy. A light, fun read that ties up nicely and has a companion book with one of Blake's SEAL buddies. I look forward to reading A SEAL's Surrender next.

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#Review: On Every Street by @MetalBlonde (Karina Halle)

On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5)On Every Street by Karina Halle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ON EVERY STREET starts THE ARTISTS Trilogy with a BANG! This companion novella to the trifecta of debauchery can be read before or after the first book in the trilogy, SINS & NEEDLES.

Author Karina Halle says it can be read as a stand-alone and while that may be true, be forewarned SHE IS A LIAR! Maybe you can read it as a stand-alone, but you are not going to want to. You will NEED more! Okay, okay, I need to calm down (only because I have the next book) maybe she's not “a liar,” per say, maybe she's a marketing genius because once you get a little taste of her storytelling talents, I can guarantee that you will HAVE to know more about the characters featured in this novella.
Revenge is sweet, but it’s a sweet poison. Stay smart, never let your thoughts drift, and don’t involve your heart, no matter the cost. You got that?
Oopsie, I think Ellie missed that day of "Con Artists 101" class.

In a nutshell, young con artist, Ellie, is out for revenge. She seeks retribution for a malicious and violent act committed against her as a child. In her journey, she imagines lots of potential obstacles, but one she didn't anticipate was falling for one of her mark's henchman, Javier. To 99% of the world’s population, Javier would be seen as a violent criminal, but with Ellie he is charming, debonair and totally irresistible. In author Karina Halle’s own words, Javier is “a kinky motherfucker.” If you are thinking: OH YAY! Then “OH YAY” is right! I'll be honest, even though he was the "bad guy" I was really rooting for them to make it and I even thought about finding my own violent criminal to ravish my body, but then I came to my senses... Sorry... I'm totally off track... Back to Ellie - Without giving anything away, let's just say Ellie has A LOT to learn about running a successful con.

I am very interested to discover how Ellie and Javier’s romance will fit into the trilogy; I suspect I will know by the end of SINS & NEEDLES - *fingers crossed*.  At around 138 pages, this novella is jam packed with action, sex, murder and intrigue. I'm definitely jumping straight into this trilogy headfirst continuing on to the official first book in the trilogy,  Sins and Needles . RIGHT NOW!

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#Review: Conviction by Nicole Edwards

Conviction (Club Destiny, #1)Conviction by Nicole Edwards
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

HOLY HELL! That was eye opening!

Let me explain that I was not expecting the events of this story. I somehow had missed the m/f, m/f/m, m/f/m/m rating in the description when I started reading and I normally am not interested in ménage story lines, but I’m glad I read it anyways!

Samantha Kielty has received a promotion and her new boss is hot, powerful, and sexy. How is she supposed to maintain a professional atmosphere around this man? Her job is everything to her and any personal relationship is strictly off-limits. Logan McCoy is instantly attracted to Sam and wants to show her that she’s been missing out and he can show her a whole new world of sexual desires. She will need to let him have control and that is not in her nature. The sparks between them fly, but can they let love burn as well?

"All of the things he longed to do to her, with her. They were on constant replay in his mind, contributing to his permanent hard on and making it harder than hell to control himself when she was around. Part of him worried what she would think, what she would do when he took control. As strong and independent as she was, he thought she might be challenged by him, but the way she gave herself over to him so easily made Logan believe it was something she needed."

CONVICTION is hot, hot, hot! Logan definitely pushes some boundaries. He blew mine apart and set a bomb on the other side. Sam doesn’t show much resistance to the sexual exploration, but her main focus is protecting her career. A relationship between them is a big corporate no-no. I wondered most of the time whether Logan was using her as a toy or really had feelings, but really the sex takes center stage in this story.

The reason for a 3 star rating is that there wasn’t much to the characters. No big reveals or life-altering admissions. No one was really well developed and it left the plot pretty flat. There was no need for the book to be over 500 pages. I could have gotten just as much out of the story if it had been 200 pages. Let me repeat this though, because it is very important, the sex is mind blowing hot.

I mistakenly delved into this world of ménage and I’m glad I did. I thought I wouldn’t like it or wouldn’t understand the connections between partners. Nicole Edwards did an amazing job of describing a taboo desire and making it relatable to even the most inexperienced reader, like myself. CONVICTION really was all about the sex, but that’s really not a problem if that’s what you’re interested in reading. If you are looking to branch out and want to test the waters into a more taboo subject, than CONVICTION is one to read.

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#Review: The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

The Bet (The Bet, #1)The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A fake engagement + childhood friends and rivals + a mischievous, meddling Grandma = an endearing love story.

“Kacey watched in agony as the man who still held her heart whistled, thrust his hands into his pockets, and walked out of the coffee shop. Seattle’s most famous bachelor had just proposed marriage. Albeit a fake marriage, it was still a proposal. She should be thrilled.
But it was hard to be thrilled when the love of her life, the boy who used to make mud pies with her and kiss her knees when she fell, thought of her as nothing but a way out of a crappy situation.
She suddenly wished she was at a bar instead of downtown Pike Place Market.”

Kacey is a better person than I am. I would’ve told him to shove it, but this is how the story begins.

Jake Titus made a mess of his image and now he needs his childhood friend/ex-girlfriend to fill in as his fiancé to convince the board of his company that he’s reliable and stable enough to run the billion-dollar company. Kacey knew her heart couldn’t handle being around Jake after their last encounter. She should’ve said no to his proposal, but the bastard uses his ill grandmother to wrangle her into this deal. Now she’s on her way to her childhood home where she must face her demons and Jake’s brother, “Satan.” Travis tormented Kacey for as long as she can remember, but things are different between them now and Travis is HOT. Remember Kacey is “engaged” to Jake. Yep, it’s a mess.

We hear a lot of about their childhood and learn things were not always as they seemed. The story unravels nicely, although as the reader, I was clued in early as to the true dynamics of the trio. There’s no surprises or big reveals. Kacey just finally opens her eyes to what was really there all along. There were a lot of silly moments and sweet, sexy times too, but I think a big part of the story is Kacey finally letting go of her past and looking at the future.

I was really looking forward to this book after reading the summary, but it just didn’t have the hilarity I thought it would have. Don’t get me wrong; it had its moments of good laughs. Grandma Nadine was hilarious and I loved her character, but there wasn’t enough hijinks in the story. I felt with the plot of the story, it could’ve been so much funnier. Maybe humor was not Rachel Van Dyken’s intention, but that’s what I expected from the summary.

THE BET really is a sweet and funny story. I was hoping for more, but it was still entertaining and enjoyable. It is very cute and the follow-up story, THE WAGER, surrounding Jake and Kacey’s best friend, Char, sounds just as adorable.

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#Review: The Demarcation of Jack by @BlakelyBennett

The Demarcation of JackThe Demarcation of Jack by Blakely Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gotta give major kudos to this husband and wife team, Blakely & Dana Bennett for pulling off a most excellent and entertaining read called THE DEMARCATION OF JACK. See that couple in the picture above? That would be my husband and me if we were writing a book together – both of us mostly clueless, but the female wears an expression that would be permanently plastered on my face. He would just want to be having fun and I would be the ultimate “fun sponge” – while trying to reign him in long enough to just come up with a plot! Great job guys!

I am totally a fan of Blakely Bennett’s work, but if you have her other books (MY BODY Trilogy) in mind, you know the ones that are chocked full of domination and submission to the “Nth” degree, then just push that to the far, far reaches of your brain, because her MY BODY Trilogy is NOTHING like THE DEMARCATION OF JACK.

Jack and Jenna are in a bad place in their marriage. Like many couples, they have grown and evolved, but the problem is that they have grown in different directions. Things that they once loved about the other are now annoying and not as “cute” as they once were.
In the beginning, his child-like enthusiasm in almost every situation fascinated her, but recently, that fascination had morphed into a constant irritation.
In an effort to rekindle the love they have lost, they head off on a tropical adventure. Sounds awesome, right? Well, Jack is apparently the dumb ass of all dumbasses and invites another couple to join them! And if that isn’t enough, the resort is chocked full of all the hedonistic pleasures that couples might encounter if they were interested in taking a walk on the wild side with OTHER COUPLES – See? Dumb ass of the century! You see where this is going, right?

Jack is the ultimate free spirit and just wants to get his dick wet, but when their vacation meant for rekindling their romance takes a majorly unexpected turn, Jack finds himself in the most unlikely predicament. He quickly (but not quickly enough) realizes the implications of adding others to the mix of their very complicated relationship and it ain’t pretty!

THE DEMARCATION OF JACK wraps up their island adventure, but there’s still a lot in store for Jack and Jenna and I have a few sneaky suspicions about the next curve-ball that the Bennett duo plan to throw their way. I am anxious to see how this trilogy called FRACTURED FIDELITIES will play out. This is a must read if you love reading about love on the rocks and naughty boys ;-)

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

#Review: Misled by @katkelwriter #NEW #BIKERS

Misled (Death Dwellers MC #1)Misled by Kathryn Kelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

MISLED is totally different than any of the other biker books I have read. I can't really put my finger on what makes it different, but it has a total unique vibe. The lead male is absolutely unrefined and rough around the edges - not unlike other biker book characters, but Christopher, aka Outlaw is somehow different, and I like it!

The characters use lots of variety when it comes to using the "f" word - sometimes I thought it got in the way of whatever they were trying to convey, but totally in line with their over all personas.

Christopher is kind of raunchy, but I quite enjoyed his dirty mouth and he just might make it on my best dirty talkers list... I have to review his rhetoric before making that final decision on that. But here is a teaser of one of my favorite scenes that might make your panties melt, so you might as well go ahead and take them off – and if you don’t, just know that you have been warned!
What are you doing?”

“I’m about to eat your pussy,” he muttered, pulling her legs apart and sniffing the musky aroma of her arousal combined with his cum.

“You can’t possibly want to do that now.”

She sounded horrified and embarrassed. He tipped his head back to look at her face. He chuckled, finding her look matched her tone. Keeping his gaze on her, he ran his nose along her slit.

“What are you doing?” she squealed in outrage.

“What the fuck you think? Smellin’ your pussy.”

She wriggled her body up, but he wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her down.

She covered her face with her hands. “Oh, God. Kill me now.”

He laughed at how dramatic she was being.

She raised up on her elbows. “I need a shower,” she said with a prissy little sniff.

He licked the top of her mound and she shivered. “Don’t wanna smell soap, Megan. I want to smell your just fucked cunt filled with my cum.”

“My God! Why?” she wailed, giving up her losing battle and plopping down on the mattress.

“Trust me, sweetheart,” he said gruffly, taking pity on her. “I promise you you ain’t gonna give a fuck what condition your pussy is in once I start lickin’ you.”

“Doubtful,” she mumbled. She stayed focused on the ceiling. “Just get it over with.”

Unable to stop his smile, Christopher pushed her legs open further and watched his cum drip out of her. He gathered the moisture up and worked it back inside her with his finger.

“Please, stop staring at that part of me.”

“What part of you?”


He laughed harder. “I don’t know where the fuck there is, Megan.”

“My vagina,” she snapped. 
He laid his head against her hip and guffawed. “I guess my dick is a penis to you, huh?” He didn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so hard. “I’ll give you lessons on the proper terms for our anatomy on another day. Quick refresher. You have tits and a pussy or a cunt. I have a cock or a dick. Got me? I don’t fuck vaginas. That shit sounds borin’. Hot vagina. No. That shit sounds ridiculous. Hot pussy. Hot pussy is much better.”

She giggled and nodded, her tension easing.

“Now, I’m gonna lick your hot pussy until you come for me.

See what I mean? Hot-Ass-Dirty-Talker! I totally love that author Kathryn Kelly was able to incorporate some humor with that naughty rhetoric – that takes special talent and she has it in spades. If you are looking for the next best biker book, then you have got to get this! You are going to love it!!

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#Review: There is No Light in Darkness by @ClariCon

There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1)There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THERE IS NO LIGHT IN DARKNESS is chocked full of mystery, drama and romance. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

Blake Brennan is plagued by nightmares of the horrific memories from her past; the memories of her parent’s violent deaths and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the events. As if life has not been cruel enough, she is shuffled around due to a series of even more unfortunate events and ultimately lands in the home of a lovely lady and caregiver named Maggie. Maggie’s home seems to be the place to go when you are a good-looking and hormonal teenager with nowhere else to go! THANK GOD FOR THAT!

Blake ultimately finds a place of happiness, surrounded by people who she comes to love as her family. THERE IS NO LIGHT IN DARKNESS is a crazy ride with loads of twists and turns – and I had questions and I still have loads of questions that I can’t wait to find the answers to. There’s a killer cliffhanger, but not to worry, the second book, DARKNESS BEFORE DAWN is out, so it’s safe to proceed without fear of having to wait a year for answers!

If you love finding new “book boyfriends,” then look no further, because there are two really awesome ones in this book! I will be jumping right on to the next book in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to find out the answers to all my questions and to see what mysteries there are to uncover – I am sure there are a few!

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Review: Connected by @authorkimkarr

Connected (Connections, #1)Connected by Kim Karr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars



HOLY CRAP! Did that just really happen? This epilogue has just totally blown this story apart. Cliffhanger is not a strong enough word.

Dahlia London has been crushed by loss more than once in her life and it seems as though she will never break free from the despair. Finally deciding to recover from the last blow and pull her life together, she runs into River Wilde, and their crazy connection from years before is still there. River, the lead singer of the popular band The Wilde Ones, has never forgotten about his one encounter with Dahlia and isn’t about to blow the chance fate serves him when she comes back into his life.

“When our bodies meet, my nervousness evaporates. I’m so close to him. I can smell his soapy, just-showered scent that I remember so well. I can feel his hard body, and as I look up, I see the smooth skin on his face, and my knees buckle beneath me. Goose bumps run up my arms and down my legs. Our collision has awakened something in me. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time. Desire.”

As a reader, it is amazing when the author can really pull you into the emotions of the character and Kim Karr does just that with Dahlia. I could feel her debilitating pain and despair and you can only hope that her story gets better. She has been served a crap hand in life and thanks to good friends she starts to pull herself through. Enter hot, sexy and talented River. (I imagined Adam Levine from Maroon 5 as River.) They met years ago for a brief encounter in a bar and have never forgot each other. Dahlia really doesn’t feel like she’s ready for romance, but she cannot deny the connection is still there. Once again, Kim Karr’s writing makes you feel the characters’ emotions. The chemistry was amazingly convincing.

Dahlia and River’s love scenes were something else. When I tell you Kim Karr can make feelings in a story tangible for the reader, I am also talking about the steamy sex scenes. Wow. Hop of the page and into your head kind of scenes.

CONNECTED has some of the most unbelievable twists and turns I have read in a story. My mind was blown by the end and couldn’t stop thinking, “Did that actually happen?” for days after I finished. I wish I could talk about the events more, but I can’t think of anything that won’t give you ideas and this is a story that deserves to reveal its own secrets.

Kim Karr did an excellent job combining a heartbreaking love story and fingernail-chewing suspense. CONNECTED is an amazing story that is the first in a series of three. I can’t wait to find out what happens next after that mind-blowing ending.

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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Review: Stranded with a Billionaire

Stranded with a Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club, #1)Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have a new fantasy and it includes being stuck on a beautiful, deserted island with a hot billionaire.

Brontë Dawson is a waitress from the Midwest who wins a radio station contest for a free trip to the Caribbean. Her philosophy degree isn’t getting her anywhere and she’s always strapped for cash, but she can finally have a great vacation. When a hurricane hits the island, all the guests are evacuated; only Brontë gets trapped in an elevator with a man whom she believes to be the hotel manager. The man in the elevator is actually Logan Hawkings, the new billionaire owner of the island and resort. Together, they survive the hurricane and wait for a rescue. Stranded together on a deserted island. It’s as fun as it sounds.

“This little episode had made her feel somewhat close to him, and it would’ve been disturbing to think that she’d been cozying up to a married man. “Thank God.”
“I’m also not looking for a relationship.”
Arrogant ass. She nudged him with her elbow. Okay, more like shoved. “I wasn’t asking because of that. This would just be...weird...if you had a wife.”
“We’re not sleeping together, Brontë.”
“Well, technically, we just did.” It just wasn’t all that exciting, if you didn’t factor in the hurricane.
He stopped in front of her so abruptly that she bumped into his back and stepped backward with a splash of her feet. She could barely make out his expression in the low light of the stairwell.
“Why all the questions?”
“I was just curious. You know. If I’d touched single junk or married junk. I think it’s a reasonable thing to ask.”
His face was tilted as if he were staring down at her, and she could barely feel the hot fan of his breath against her skin. She wished the stairwell were better lit so she could see his expression.
“It only matters if you’re planning on grabbing it again, Brontë.”
Now there was a mental image she’d never be able to get out of her head. “Ah. Well. No, I wasn’t making plans to do that again.”
His chest rumbled in a low laugh. “Well, now I’m disappointed.”

Logan is controlling and a total alpha male. In real life I can see that being really annoying, but I love my book men in domineering. It is totally sexy and Logan has this in spades. He can be temperamental though and this makes it difficult for Brontë to understand him at times. Their relationship definitely has its ups and downs. Brontë is funny and easy-going, which is something serious Logan needs more of in is life. She is also fiercely independent due to childhood events and this doesn’t go over well with Logan. Their personalities make for an interesting love connection and as they discover how to navigate a life together, there is no shortage of conflicts.

My issue with the story was that I didn’t understand why Brontë was so mad at Logan when she found out he was a billionaire. Yes, he lied, but couldn’t she see that he liked knowing she wanted him even when he was just a hotel manager? She blows up and doesn’t think about his point of view. This part of the story didn’t seem believable to me. At least have a discussion with the man! I also felt at times that Brontë’s emotions were all over the place. Her issues with Logan change from time to time. I would’ve liked to see more definition to the story. These are minor problems though and can be overlooked for an enjoyable story.

STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE is a light, fun read. If it sounds good to you, then Jessica Clare has five more billionaires for you to discover in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB series.

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Review: Hold on Tight by @NicolaHaken

Hold on Tight (Take My Hand, #2)Hold on Tight by Nicola Haken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow! What a powerful story full of hope, despair, grief, and love.

Emily and Dexter are in for the fight of their lives. Only three months into their relationship and Emily is trying to hold on to Dexter while he battles through a dangerous drug addiction. Her friendship with Rachel is on the rocks and she feels like she’s losing her soul mate. Recent events have brought Dexter back into the past he worked so hard to escape. He cannot break free of the guilt that drives him to numb the pain with drugs. He believes he doesn’t deserve love and pushes everyone away. When the addiction is so bad he does nothing but concentrate on where he’ll get his next fix, can Emily save him before it’s too late?

“Please, baby...please stop running from me,” she begged - her voice strained and uneven.
“I’m trying.” I sounded pathetic. My voice was weak and eyes began to sting. “I’m really am. I just...I’m fucked up, doll. I’m losing it. I’m losing everything.”
“You’re not losing anything,” she replied, sounding determined as she raised her chin to look up at me. She pressed her warm palm to the side of my cheek and stared intently, purposely into my eyes. “You’re not losing anything,” she repeated. “I won’t let you.”
If she only knew. If she only knew I’d already thrown it all away. She was right - I’m not losing anything.
I’ve already lost it.
And the only thought more frightening than that right now, is I’m almost out of gear.”

I do not have any experience with drugs or addiction, but through Dexter’s voice, I believe I felt the hopelessness and despair. It was so scary and sad. The scenes of drug use were eerily detailed and coupled with very believable reasons as to why Dexter would go so far to forget his life. Emily’s concern and love were also felt and I was brought to tears more than once. I LOVED IT! The raw emotion in HOLD ON TIGHT was really powerful. I find myself wondering what I would do if I were in Emily’s shoes because for most of the story I really felt like I was living their story.

The reason for a four star rating instead of five is that the characters would slip in dialogue with the reader out of the blue and it felt unnecessary and forced. It broke the flow of the story for me, but I know that this is something that may not concern other readers. I also wish there was more mention of Emily’s best friend, Rachel, even though she was absent due to conflicts in their friendship. I missed her humor in this story.

This is a powerful love story full of despair and hope for a better future, which I highly recommend. HOLD ON TIGHT was not without a cliffhanger leaving you wishing you had a copy of the next installment. It’s a doozy even though there was heavy foreshadowing of a problem. Emily and Dexter are in for another fight and I can’t wait to read LEAN ON ME (Hint, hint Nicola. Please send a copy ASAP!)

✳✳ Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

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#Review: My Beautiful by @jmlarocca1

My Beautiful (Lifeless, #2)My Beautiful by J.M. LaRocca
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A really fun, light, fast-paced read—especially if you don’t mind suspending reality for the duration of the story.

Kade and Scarlett have been broken up for 8 months while Kade tries to figure a way out of working for his mob boss uncle. And even though Scarlett experienced the mobsters firsthand and saw a gun being wielded her way, it never seems to occur to her that Kade broke up with her to protect her. Which maybe I’m an eternal optimist or just plain conceited, but I tend to be the type that will take the tiniest indication of interest as my ex’s regret over their decision to break my heart. Not that my way is healthy or anything, I was just surprised to find out not everyone does that. So in this case where it seemed obvious, I was surprised by Scarlett’s oblivion.

Also, I found it rather convenient that every coffee shop, club, or restaurant she frequented always had her running into Kade or one of his friends. Really? I admit I haven’t been to LA, but uh, that doesn’t happen where I live. Just saying.

Most devastatingly unrealistic in my opinion, was the mob stuff itself. First of all, Bryce’s undercover mission was the worst kept secret on the planet. If we had to trust in FBI agents like Bryce to keep our country safe, we’d be in serious trouble because at the slightest nudge, he sang like a canary. And by confiding in Scarlett, he might as well have posted a billboard because she told her friends like it was high school gossip. I was constantly worried about possible rats that the mobsters had working undercover while Scarlett and her co-workers waxed on about her supposedly secret romance with Kade. I seemed to be the only one concerned about keeping it under wraps. Secondly, the big climax was all based on an assumption that I found to be absolute nonsense. (view spoiler)

MY BEAUTIFUL was fun and enjoyable and the writing was smooth and well-executed. If I hadn’t had so many issues with believability, this story would have had a much higher rating from me.

**Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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Blog Tour #Review and #Giveaway: Remembering Us by @staceylynnbooks

Remembering Us Banner 2-2


Remembering Us by Stacey Lynn


My life was perfectly mapped out for me since before the day I was born. I followed it, begrudgingly, because it’s what was expected.

And then one day, everything changed.

I woke up.

Different. Independent. Free from all the rules that had surrounded me.

Only I have no idea how I got to where I am. I have no memory of graduating college. No memory of Adam, the boyfriend I live with.

He loves me. And I love him. At least that’s what everyone says.

Except when my memories return to me as dreams, I see a different man than the one everyone claims is perfect for me.

He terrifies me. He makes my heart race and he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before.

I have no idea if I want to welcome the emotional roller-coaster that his piercing brown eyes and messy black hair puts me on every time I get a glimpse of him, or if I want to run back to the safe shelter of the scripted life-plan that used to be mine.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an amazingly different approach to writing a love story! I fell in love through flashbacks while simultaneously experiencing all of the confusion and fear Amy felt as she battled her missing memories!

Amy comes out of a coma with amnesia and though the doctor anticipates her memories returning, there is no way to tell when or how they’ll return. She’s lost two years worth of memories and suddenly she’s on the outs with her parents and living with a man she doesn’t know. Her entire life is thrown upside down. Her best friend and parents insist Adam loves her, but when Amy’s dreams give her glimpses of their past, there’s so much hurt and fear in each of the memories that she can’t reconcile who she’s supposed to love with the man before her. Amy can’t understand how she became the person she sees in the mirror. Two years ago her life had been on an entirely different course and she doesn’t even recognize the types of clothes in her closet, much less the person she supposedly became.

Part of what I thought was so great about REMEMBERING US was the mystery of not knowing if Adam was who everyone said he was. Add to that Amy’s parents’ shockingly distant treatment of her when she’s lost and scared and I didn’t know who to believe.

Stacey Lynn did such an amazing job of keeping the story in present time while allowing the reader to experience Amy’s past through dreams and fall in love just the way she must have. Adam is full of secrets and pain and I could completely feel both his frustration at Amy’s reaction to him as well as her terror to trust someone she doesn’t remember. I found the entire story remarkable and yet believable. It was full of pain and hurt, yet at the same time passion and love that doesn’t let go or give up. I am in awe of Stacey Lynn’s art and this amazing masterpiece of a story.

**Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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About the Author:

1185803_333069440172065_1348106691_nAmazon Bestselling Author Just One Song and Just One Week Don't Lie to Me, released on July 15, 2013 Remembering Us - coming January, 2014

I am a wife, a mom, and a writer. I can often be found curled up on the couch with a good book, or obsessively eating Skittles in a very complicated and organized manner. No joke.

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Release Blitz and #Giveaway: Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie (@KBRitchie)

Kiss the Sky Official Cover-2

Kiss the Sky by Krista and Becca Ritchie


Virgin. Sex addict. Daredevil. Alcoholic. Smartass … Jackass. Her five friends are about to be filmed. Reality TV, be prepared.
Rose Calloway thought she had everything under control. At twenty-three, she’s a Princeton graduate, an Academic Bowl champion, a fashion designer and the daughter of a Fortune 500 mogul. But with a sex addict as a sister and roommate, nothing comes easy. After accepting help from a producer, Rose agrees to have her life filmed for a reality television show. The Hollywood exec is her last chance to revive her struggling fashion line, and boundaries begin to blur as she’s forced to make nice with a man who always has his way. Twenty-four-year-old Connor Cobalt is a guy who bulldozes weak men. He’s confident, smart-as-hell and lives with his equally ambitious girlfriend, Rose Calloway. Connor has to find a way to protect Rose without ruining the show. Or else the producer will get what Connor has always wanted—Rose’s virginity.
This New Adult Standalone Romance can be described as Friends meets The Real World. Expect fist fights, drugs, sex of varying degrees, crude humor and competitive alpha males. Definitely for mature readersaudiences only.


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About the Authors:

150219_201945006672435_704378981_nKrista Ritchie has a clone...or someone who looks exactly like her. If she's not writing books with her twin sister, she's pouring over entertainment news and ingesting copious amounts of pop culture. She likes tennis, that thing called the TV, and beating Becca (her clone) on Sega Genesis. She created YA Book Exchange to combat her book buying addiction and started Nawanda Files, a YA Book Blog that features books into movies news, to share her love for all things bookish. Oh, and she does something called science. Whatever that is. Krista & Becca Ritchie write New Adult books that make you cringe, gasp, and go ooh-la-la. (If you do that sort of thing.) They are currently working on the spin-offs and final books in the Addicted series.


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KTS Release Blitz Excerpt

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blog Tour #Review and #Giveaway: Shelter You by Alice Montalvo-Tribue (@AMTribue)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]
Shelter You by Alice Montalvo-Tribue


She's mine. 

That was the first thought that came to my mind when I held my baby in my arms at seventeen. I didn't care that my parents had already promised to give her to a wealthy family. That they were forcing me to give her away. 

She was mine. 

I ran away from that hospital, from that family, from the only life I knew. I planned to start over with what little money I had, determined to make something of myself despite the odds. 

Then Logan Tate came along. 

Gorgeous and controlling, he claimed he was trying to help me, and he didn't care that I was just another teenage pregnancy story. 

But I don’t trust him. I don't trust anyone. And if Logan knew the real secrets and lies I was keeping inside, he wouldn't dare try to shelter me.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

SHELTER YOU is an emotional story of a young mom’s journey and the highs and lows along the way.

Mia has no one when she flees her home in order to keep her baby girl, Lily. Her parents forced her to stay in hiding during the latter part of her pregnancy and are now adamant she put the baby up for adoption. Mia knows she just needs to stay hidden until she turns 18 and then no one will be able to tell her what to do.

But raising a newborn without any help or advice can be scary for any new mom and it’s not long before Mia rushes Lily to the hospital in fear. While at the hospital, she meets Officer Tate (aka Logan). She knows she should stay away from him because as a cop he could easily realize she’s on the run and destroy her plans but she can’t seem to ignore him. Before she knows it, he’s barreled his way into her life and insisted on being her knight-in-shining-armor whether she wants the help or not. Only Mia has more secrets than just her age and she has no idea just how much of her past Logan will be able to bear.

Logan was a consistent, strong, angel of a guy and I loved how accepting he was of Mia and her daughter. He was possessive and controlling but only in the tenderest of ways. Their connection felt real and believable and I loved experiencing their ups and downs. The reason for my 4 (versus 5) star rating was because the obstacles and results Mia faced felt at times fictional, though never enough to turn me off of the story and characters I'd grown to love.

SHELTER YOU will appeal to any new adult reader and especially those who like a little sadness mixed in with their romance.

**Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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About the Author:

6949931Alice Montalvo-Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blog Tour #Review and #Giveaway: Whore by @MichelleHughes_

Whore Spotlight Banner

Whore Cover
Whore by Michelle Hughes


Can a virgin be a whore? I guess it depends on your definition of the word. Working a minimum wage job, I was struggling to save up money for college. Things were tight but I was managaing to scrape by. At least I had a roof over my head, right? Wrong. My mother was moving on to husband number five and decided to sell the house without giving me notice. The bank took care of that with a thirty day grace period.

Taylor Ross walked into the coffee shop where I worked and offered me the perfect solution. His father was a regular customer and apparently thought highly enough of my service to mention me in his will. I couldn't just take money but when offered me a job with a great salary including room and board, how could I refuse? I didn't know at the time just what services Taylor thought I'd offered his father.

He wanted me to embrace my inner whore and in return my financial worries would be over. There was only one problem. I had no idea what that meant. Taylor was willing to train me, so the only real question was what was I willing to do to have everything my heart desired?



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If ever a book earned the description panty-melting, it’s this one.

When Taylor Ross’ billionaire father dies and names a 20-year-old coffee shop waitress in his will, Taylor is certain his father was having yet another affair and he sets out to prove just that. When Laura won’t accept a cash handout, he offers her a job as his personal assistant. Only she quickly finds out her only responsibilities are to flirt with clients and please Taylor Ross.

Laura is the furthest thing from a whore. She is, in fact, a completely inexperienced virgin, but she finds herself drawn to Taylor despite his rude assumptions. She has to decide what she’s willing to do for the future she’s always wanted and if she can give her body to Taylor without also giving him her heart.

WHORE was steamy from the very first page and I couldn’t put it down. I loved Laura and couldn’t resist Taylor. It was everything I’d hoped for when I read the naughty and irresistable summary. I will most definitely be looking for more juicy reads by Michelle Hughes!

**Copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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About the Author:

Michelle HughesMichelle Hughes began her career in writing as a paranormal romance author. In 2009 she released her first book, A Night at Tears of Crimson. In 2011 she was hit with an idea for a romance that had nothing to do with vampires and readers seemed to relate more to the alpha male and virgin romances, so she continued along that line.

Prior to a career in writing she was a singer/songwriter who performed all over the US with a satellite syndicated talent showcase as their host. Michelle lives in Alabama with her husband and five children. Writing is her second love with family always being first. If you’d like to find out more about Michelle, please visit her links.

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