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Review: Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights by I.J. Miller

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Dirty and Dominant. THAT is the Heathcliff you can expect to get in this classic retelling, WUTHERING NIGHTS. The tale that is told is exhilarating and at times totally exhausting. Author I.J. Miller takes this classic story and makes it his own by incorporating scenes of fiery passion we wish we had in the original.

WUTHERING NIGHTS, like the original, is not a sweet love story full of goodness and light; it is a somewhat melancholy tale of forbidden love and all the trappings that entails.

From the beginning, I loved Heathcliff and loathed Catherine. Catherine is a conniving, spoiled little brat, leading Heathcliff around like a puppy for her amusement. Their love was destined to be epically tragic – a poor gypsy boy could never end up with this little girl who aspires to one day be the wife of some fine, upstanding gentleman. No, she keeps him as her dirty little secret, torturing them both with her wicked ways.

. . . for he realized that death with Catherine would be no different than life, as long as they were together.

Heathcliff behaved much like the puppy Catherine treated him as for most of their lives; loyal and loving to a fault. He was treated as a second-class citizen for the better part of his life, only truly being treated properly by Nelly, the housemaid and Mr. Earnshaw, Catherine’s father. A series of unfortunate events eventually drives Heathcliff from the only home he has ever known, Wuthering Heights, only to return six months later a changed man.

I know now our love can survive anything.

But can it?

The man he has become in the few short months away from Wuthering Heights is astounding. Gone is the meek and mild young man they once knew and in his place is a slightly more refined and infinitely more dominant man, determined to force those who wronged him to cower in his wake. And cower they do! Heathcliff is back to show everyone who is boss!

Whispering now, soft, but with the sense of aggression Heathcliff was capable of, he said in her ear as he also licked and bit her lobe, “You must always do as I say. If you do not know it now then I will soon teach it to you. It was my mistake not to take what is mine, but I will atone for that mistake and have you at last.

WUTHERING NIGHTS follows a path similar to the original, with the main exception being that Heathcliff is a sexual dominant, one who relishes in the humiliation of his submissives and the power he has over them – that power being a combination of the “monster in his pants” and his finely tuned sexual skills and though they might hate themselves for craving his touch, they seek it out nonetheless.

You are mine, completely. You will lick my feet as well as my boots. You will bathe me when I ask, take pleasure in servicing my every need. For you are my whore, a mere receptacle, not worthy of beholding my presence without permission.

WUTHERING NIGHTS is a great new spin on an old classic that is sure to delight a wide range of readers. Fans of the original WUTHERING HEIGHTS will love the level of heat that was missing from the original. Readers who skipped the classic will be delighted to learn the basic tragic story, but spiced up for today’s erotic reading pleasure.

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