Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Sweet Seduction Sacrifice

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice
Sweet Seduction Sacrifice by Nicola Claire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when you have a greedy ex-boyfriend who is a little crazy and he is trying to wreak havoc on your life by messing with the dream business you have worked so hard to make a reality? You go to the most prominent law firm in town, of course and do everything you can to defend what is rightfully yours!

This is exactly the predicament Genevieve Cain finds herself in the middle of in this first installment of the SWEET SEDUCTION Series, SWEET SEDUCTION SACRIFICE.
I was immediately engrossed in the story of this totally loveable heroine’s life.

Author Nicola Claire makes quick work of introducing the main players while maintaining an air of mystery and building the delicious sexual tension I crave in romance novels.

Gen is one of those characters you root for – even when she is making stupid decisions. She is one smart cookie when it comes to everything BUT men! She is spunky and has the most delightful way with words, especially when she gets nervous – it is totally endearing!

Brett is a total piece of shit. Unfortunately for Gen, he is her ex-boyfriend and just like a piece of shit, the stink lingers long after Gen wises up and kicks him out for good.

Then, there is the good stuff! “Dominic god-like Anscombe” is all bad assed, dominant deliciousness wrapped in a thousand-dollar suit – just the way I like ‘em! Don’t forget his entourage of hotties – I have high hopes that author Nicola Claire has a few more stories up her sleeves that include the remaining bachelors getting their happily ever after! With they way the story was left, I smell the possibility of a ménage…

This is a first for me by this author and you can bet it won’t be my last! This is a great read for anyone who loves contemporary romance novels combined with a little action and suspense.

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