Saturday, August 9, 2014

5 STAR #REVIEW for FADE IN @AuthorMMabie

Fade InFade In by M. Mabie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now this is my kind of jam! Unique story line. Great Characters. Loads of humor. Blogger turned indie author. What more can you ask for? Author, M. Mabie’s got real talent, folks! I’m definitely picking up what she is puttin’ down!

Tatum Elliot is kind of a big deal in the TV world, but no amount of money or power can fight what is ailing her – she is going blind. Ssssshhhh… it’s a secret that she doesn’t want the world to know and she wants to keep it that way.
Yes, but it takes a minute for everything to focus. It comes back in a few seconds and everything is back to shitty-ass normal. Tell me the truth. Is this because of my adolescent masturbating? I was told that leads to blindness.”
“This again!? Would you quit with the masturbating!” he almost shouts.
“I wish I could. It's just that I'm so good at it.” I know it’s bad timing, and timing is supposed to be everything. It's just that sometimes my dirty mouth rescues me with a perverted life jacket and it's always just my size.
Yes, see? That’s the humor part I previously mentioned. I know, I know… Losing your sight is serious, but author M. Mabie lightens the impending doom with a lot of humor and it totally worked for me.

Friends and family try to support her in her journey towards the inevitable, but she doesn’t plan to “go down” without a fight… Personally, I think she is knee deep in denial. One thing that she is certain about is that she needs a new personal assistant and finding that perfect fit is proving to be quite the daunting task.

Enter Mr. Hotness, Ben Harris. He’s pretty much perfect, but don’t you know, he’s got a BIG secret that threatens to destroy the very foundation their relationship is built on.
… I mean, he's perfect. He's attentive and sweet. He's funny and he keeps me on my toes. He's hot as fuck and eats pussy like it’s the Last Supper, but I just have this feeling that, whatever it is, he isn't telling me because it's bad.
In my opinion, she should just focus on the first part of that conversation, specifically the part about him being perfect and especially the part about how well he eats her punani – ENOUGH SAID!

FADE IN is the first book by new indie author, M. Mabie and if this one is any indicator of the future, she’s got big things in store for her as an author. I am definitely on board with what she is dishing out in the future! This is a great one to pick up if you love discovering new authors who incorporate a lot of humor in their romance. I loved it and I think other fans of contemporary romance will too!

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