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#REVIEW: Underestimated Too "5 Totally Cuckoo Stars" @JaywoodJettie

Underestimated Too (Underestimated, #2)Underestimated Too by Jettie Woodruff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Every single time I read a book by Jettie Woodruff I know a few things are going to happen. At some point in the story I am going to hate the heroine and at some point in the story I will want to kill the hero and at some point in the story I think they're all just too stupid to live. But the most important thing that I know is it I'm going to get a good story, no, scratch that - a great story and I'm going to love every minute of it and all the stress and frustration that I felt while reading about these crazy characters will be all worth it in the end. That was pretty much the case in UNDERESTIMATED TOO as well.

If you haven't read the first book, UNDERESTIMATED, then you might as well go ahead and stop right here and go read it first, because what's ahead might spoil the first story for you.

Morgan and Drew's fucked up story picks up right where it left off and I've got to say I was really hoping for some major changes, but I think they both crave the drama too much to ever totally change. Miraculously, Drew agrees to go and see a marriage counselor, so most of the story is told through a series of flashbacks. There are a lot of hidden secrets uncovered about Drew's life and well, I'll just say it ain't pretty... Really though, Drew doesn’t think they need a counselor and it is obvious that his controlling and manipulative side will never entirely go away.
That’s because there’s nothing wrong with me in general. It’s us together that you—not me— think needs fixing. I think things are fine between us. . . . .

“You hit me, Drew.”

“Morgan, I told you I was sorry. Have I done it again? I told you, I wouldn’t let it happen again, didn’t I?”
Ok, so "sorry" is supposed to make it ok? GAH! I just want to throttle that man!
Why, Morgan?” Drew asked, sitting on my side of the bed after getting Nicholas asleep and in bed.

“Why what?” I asked, still tasting blood from the inside of my lip.

“Why do you make me do that? Why can’t you just do what I tell you to do?

You MADE me do that? YOU MADE ME DO THAT?? No, asshole! She didn’t make you DO THAT – YOU MADE YOU DO THAT! GAH!!!! I kind of hated him a little – okay, no, A LOT at that moment. I really thought that Drew was a changed man but as you can see he is not. My opinion of Drew rapidly declined throughout this book. I don't care what kind of horror and tragedy Drew may have lived through in his life, that does not give him the right to abuse anyone, but especially not his wife. Morgan is not entirely innocent – NOT saying that she deserved to be abused, but come on… SHE CONTINUES TO STAY WITH HIM! First time, shame on Drew, the second and bazillion times after that, shame on Morgan for being TOO STUPID TO LIVE! I continuously wanted to slap the hell out of her in an effort to knock some sense into her, but that didn't work when Drew did it, so I suppose it wouldn't work if I did it either.

To be fair, I am not in an abusive relationship, so, I suppose it’s easy for me to say what she should and shouldn't do. To me her choice is black and white and there are no shades of grey. She, in my opinion, should pack her bags, take her baby and never look back. If this were real life, I would say:"It wouldn't surprise me if one day, we see them on the Dateline Saturday Night Mystery." If it were me, I would probably kill him... lol... I firmly believe once an abuser always an abuser – a tiger’s stripes never change and all that...

As much as I bitched and moaned in this review, I actually DID like it. I was tempted to rate it a 4 because Morgan and Drew drove me absolutely nuts, but once I really thought about it, I EXPECTED THAT! UNDERESTIMATED TOO brought out all my crazy emotions and that is exactly what I knew it would do because Jettie wrote it! lol… SO! Needless to say, I will definitely be reading more of what Jettie is dishing out because I am a glutton for punishment and love OR love to hate her kooky characters.

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