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#REVIEW: Far Shore by @tracilslatton 5 STARS

Far Shore  (After Trilogy, #3)Far Shore by Traci L. Slatton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The heart wants what it wants.

This statement is proving to be too true for Emma. She made her decision to stand by her husband, Haywood, despite her love for Arthur. She got Beth and Haywood out of Alexei’s camp and was resolute in her decision to remain with her family. Only a month later, Haywood is tired of hearing Emma dream of Arthur and their marriage is just a shell of a relationship. When her friends arrive at her home to ask her to help pregnant Jeannie and rescue Arthur from Alexei’s camp, not even Haywood’s ultimatum can keep her from going to help. This journey will bring unexpected twists and the ever-evolving mists will require new plans, but hopefully Emma’s choice to leave Haywood will bring her the fulfillment she craves.

The mists are evolving and becoming more dangerous than ever, but so are the psychic powers so many survivors possess in the After. Reading this series has been exciting and awakening. I have never asked myself so many of life’s big questions due to a book, but the AFTER TRILOGY was clearly written with that experience in mind. In FAR SHORE, we learn much more to the workings of the mists, but more questions arise as well. Arthur is not the only piece of the puzzle and as usual, the secondary characters are so important to the complexity of this story.

I couldn’t believe Haywood finally gave the ultimatum. I mean, I could believe it because it probably should’ve been done before, but that was hard to hear. There are so many awesome twists and turns in this series and FAR SHORE does not disappoint. I loved the issues surrounding Emma and Arthur’s relationship. I know that sound ridiculous, but Emma is a strong woman who can deal with a lot on her own and Arthur needs to learn that she is a partner. The loneliness Emma encounters is almost too much to even read. And maybe I’m crazy, but I have a soft spot for Alexei. The charisma of his that is spoken of so much during this trilogy becomes much clearer to Emma and I couldn’t help but like him despite all the wrong he has done.

Here’s the best news yet. IT’S NOT OVER! At the end of the FAR SHORE, I freaked out a little because I thought, “Oh no! That can’t be it, but it’s a trilogy so it must be!” I was more than a little upset so I went a little stalkerish on Ms. Slatton and searched her website and blog and finally just emailed her asking if there would be another book. Her answer was there would be a book four and maybe five! YAY!! I really want to hear about the group’s next journey and the plan to eradicate the mists forever.

THE AFTER SERIES has been an amazing rollercoaster ride for me and FAR SHORE was an excellent installment. Even if this is all I hear of Emma, Arthur and the rest of this world again, I will have been so glad I read this series; but I am ecstatic that there will be a fourth book. Traci L. Slatton has created a world that excites and makes you think deeply at every turn.

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