Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: The Seventh Victim

The Seventh Victim by Mary Burton

My Rating:  4 of 5 stars

She’s been running seven years and now he may have found her.

Lara Church knows she’s lucky to be alive. She’s the only surviving victim of the Seattle Strangler and she’s been on the move for the last seven years, never staying in one place too long because settling down may mean the past will catch up to her. Finally, she has a home, a job, and a normal life in Austin.

Daybreak never failed to awe and calm. A new sunrise. A new day. A gift. A victory. Most folks missed moments like this. Too busy, still sleeping, or just not interested, many people never paused to watch the sun rise. Not Lara. She watched every one she could.
The Seattle Strangler was never caught. Lara’s memories are locked away in her head and no amount of help seven years ago could unlock them, but the killer is back and remembering her attacker is the only way to stop more women from dying. She wants to remember, she really does, she just can’t and she’s tired of people telling her to keep trying. Sergeant James Beck is the tough Texas Ranger assigned to the case and he’s determined to get Lara to remember. He’s persistent and irritating to Lara, but how long can she resist the chivalrous gentleman with the hot southern drawl?

I love a good thriller/cop drama and THE SEVENTH VICTIM delivers big time in this genre. The story flowed perfectly and although complex, I couldn’t find any holes in the outcomes. The investigation felt very realistic and the twists kept coming. Just when you think you have it, Mary Burton throws another curveball at you as the bodies keep piling up. The main characters were amazingly written. Lara and Beck had that whole “I don’t know if I hate you or want to jump your bones” thing going on and the anticipation, oh the anticipation! It’s a long, slow turn of events for them to realize they have more than a dislike for each other and that made it so much better. I really understood their feelings and that was worth the wait.

I love a strong, kick-ass heroine. Although the title is THE SEVENTH VICTIM, Lara is a survivor, not a victim. I was on the edge of my seat, chewing my fingernails while reading and the ending will not disappoint. I thought I had it, but I soooo did not. If you’re into suspense and thrills then I recommend THE SEVENTH VICTIM. For only $.99 on Amazon right now, you can’t beat it!

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