Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Fire on Ice

Fire on Ice
Fire on Ice by Dakota Madison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

FIRE ON ICE is an endearing, sweet and emotional ride through the unlikely love story between a smart and driven rich girl and the rough-around-the-edges athlete.

Taylor Thompson has been burned by an ice-cold hockey player; burned badly. Three years ago her heart was destroyed and the walls she built are so strong she's barely experiencing college life. She has a concrete plan for her education and guys are nowhere near any of her ambitions. Then she meets the hottest guy she's ever seen with whom she has undeniable chemistry. Of course he's a professional hockey player and a player off the ice as well. Kian Kavanaugh's rough childhood has plagued him with insecurities and he knows he's not good enough for Taylor, but that doesn't mean he can stay away from her. She is so different from the "puck bunnies" he is used to sleeping around with and he's determined to be with her.

Kian and Taylor are extremely likeable characters with believable feelings. I am amazed at Dakota Madison's ability to write male dialogue and thoughts so well that I swore I got a glimpse into the guy's psyche and the world of professional athletes. Kian is a hot and deliciously built hockey player and since I don’t know much about hockey I decided to research “hot hockey players.” I highly suggest you do this while reading the book. I love Google!

Taylor's past is heartbreaking as is Kian's and you can't help but hope that these two damaged individuals conquer their demons. I found the drama of competing love interests very true to the story and the new adult genre. For instance, Taylor's friend Kyle has been waiting for her to see him as more than a friend and Kian is none too happy about his meddlesome ways.

"I also knew Taylor was too good for me. It certainly wasn't a secret...But I had something I knew this guy didn't and that was gumption. When I set my mind on something, I didn't give up until I achieved it. I had already set my mind on having Taylor and this little puke wasn't going to stand in my way."

FIRE ON ICE is a cute and sexy new adult story that will stay with long after you finish reading. I loved their strong connection and the way Kian could be so tough and charming at the same time. I found myself cheering for Taylor to take some risks and so happy to have her realize her romantic life wasn't over. FIRE ON ICE ends abruptly so I am relieved I already have the sequel because there is no way I can stop reading about Taylor and Kian! I couldn't put it down and now I have to start THE PLAYMAKER immediately.

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