Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: The Race

The Race
The Race by Scarlett Vora

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE RACE is like a really raw and dirty version of SURVIVOR and THE HUNGER GAMES combined and I really liked it!

The story is based on an island that is made of all the things from your nightmares. The men and women live separately. The men spend their days fighting for life, sex and food. The women spend their days training and plotting how to evade the men in the ultimate game of tag. . . where being tagged means being raped, beaten and possibly even killed. Yeah, life is rough. Only the strongest survive.

THE RACE is what they call the deadly game of tag they play. Bloodfeather is the ideal female prize. She is strong and fast and ruthless and all the men want her. She is a warrior-goddess, but her number is up and she has been caught – what will the men do with her? I was shocked and pleased with her story – the outcome was totally NOT what I had expected and I quite enjoyed that.

THE RACE was a quick read and totally worth every penny of the $0.99 price tag. Although I felt the story was complete, I am really hoping to hear more of their story – I think author Scarlett Vora has more to tell and she left the door wide open for that possibility!

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