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Review: Deadly Valentine

Deadly Valentine
Deadly Valentine by Jenna Harte

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s the case of, “Whodunnit?”

Tess Madison thought she left her old life behind. She was content to devote herself to her law practice and a man wasn't necessary, until the dinner party at the Worthington mansion and the return of Jack Valentine. Tess was humiliated by Jack three years ago and she wants to crawl under a rock when she sees him again. Jack shouldn't be at the dinner party. Her old life wasn't supposed to meet her new life, but it does and the dinner party full of dysfunctional family members ends badly. Now Jack is the prime suspect in a murder. What do you do when a super-hot man who gets to you in a way no other can is being investigated for murder? You represent him of course!! This puts her at odds with the people in her new life, but Jack is innocent; at least she's pretty sure he's innocent and her hormones aren't messing with her judgment.

When I first started DEADLY VALENTINE I swore that I was transported back in time. Back when I played the board game "Clue." I mean the whole dinner party at the old mansion with the old rich guy and the butler, etc. The plot is right off the game and into a story. It does evolve into more, but it takes some time.

I would categorize DEADLY VALENTINE as a murder mystery with a romantic subplot. Most of the story revolves around the investigation into the murder that occurs at the Worthington mansion and subsequent events. I love mysteries, but DEADY VALENTINE had twists that I felt were too predictable and the storytelling was drawn out at times; mainly the first half. I did enjoy the long list of interesting secondary characters (My favorite is Cora.). So many people could have been the murderer and we learn about many of them, which make for a complex story.

Jack and Tess reveal very real and understandable emotions concerning their relationship and I genuinely felt their turmoil, but I just wish there was more heat. Like I said, this is really more of a murder mystery than a romance novel. While their relationship is an important part of DEADLY VALENTINE and there are a couple detailed bedroom scenes, I didn't get the whole hot and bothered feeling that I've come to enjoy from steamy novels. It’s more like a warm and fuzzy love story.

If you're looking for a light and entertaining mystery with a love story, then DEADLY VALENTINE is one to get. Enjoy trying to solve the case.

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