Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: Blue Ice

BLUE ICEBLUE ICE by Carolina Soto
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

BLUE ICE takes everything “cold” to a whole new level!

Katherine is perceived as a frigid bitch, but I see the truth – she just never encountered the right person to heat her up to melt that frosty front she dons. Then there’s Dylan Berkley. He has loads of cold hard cash, but he’s going to have to come up with a better way to lure Katherine in because she has plenty of cash padding her pockets and doesn’t need his.

Any author who can incorporate Ben & Jerry’s in a book blurb that has absolutely nothing to do with ice cream is a winner in my book! Author Carolina Soto paints the most delicious picture when describing Dylan Berkeley’s lifestyle:
With a Ben & Jerry’s lifestyle (lots of options, exciting flavors, and never repeating a scoop). . .
From the moment Katherine and Dylan met, I knew it was going to be an exciting adventure because the sparks begin to fly immediately – they feigned disinterest, but any fool could see the truth! The real fun began when their chance encounter morphed into something else entirely, something unavoidable – something to do with her livelihood and to Dylan’s delight, something that forced Katherine to spend time with him!

BLUE ICE, like the real world, isn’t all perfect and pretty. Although I was sad that we didn’t get that picture-perfect “happily ever after,” we did get a promise of an HEA in Carolina Soto’s follow up book that will hopefully (but not confirmed) be out in early 2014. I felt that Ms. Soto was true to Katherine and Dylan’s strong personalities by ending the book they way she did and anything else would have been out of character, therefore unbelievable. BLUE ICE is a great start to new author, Carolina Soto’s writing career and is set to release on October, 30, 2013, so go ahead and add it to your never-ending TBR pile!

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