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Review: A Moment

A Moment
A Moment by Marie Hall

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A MOMENT is one of those books I have had for a while and I just got around to reading it. If you have it, then consider this your call to action! It’s a great book! If you don’t have it, then you have absolutely no excuse, because it is currently FREE at Amazon (as of 8/31/13) .

A MOMENT is sweet and emotional and there is a lot going on with the characters in this book.

Liliana Delgado is lovely. I just want to hug her! She has the weight of the world on her shoulders. After a one-night stand at the tender age of fourteen, she finds herself pregnant and all alone. As the
single mother to an autistic 7-year-old living with her sick mother – she is responsible for everyone in her household AND she still manages to get an education. Love is something she just doesn’t have time for, but fate has other plans for her.

Ryan Cosgrove is a tortured soul. His demons are dark and cloying and they prevent him from seeing his life for what it is: a gift. He has a lot of heavy issues to deal with, including bouts of depression, rage, despair, but most recently, love – this is a new emotion for him, but he does not feel worthy of the ones he loves.

In A MOMENT, we catch a glimpse of the man Alex Donovan is. Alex is Ryan’s cousin and Liliana’s best friend. He is protective to the core and deserves better than the hand he has been dealt. Like Lili and Ryan, he has had to shoulder the burden of far too much in his relatively young life.
Ryan isn’t pretty, he’s rugged. All man. There’s nothing soft about him, but it’s no less sexy. Alex may have the market cornered on country-fed, down-home yummy, but Ryan is the kind of guy who makes a girl feel immediately safe and vulnerable and sexy, especially when his hot gaze is all over you, like his is on me right now.
Together, Ryan and Lili find their way in the big bad world and ultimately get their HEA, but hopefully, their story is not over and we will get to see a little bit of them in Alex’s book that is due out soon, called RIGHT NOW. I am anxious for that “country-fed, down-home yummy,” Alex to get his happily ever after.

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