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Review: Love at High Tide

Love at High Tide by Christi Barth
My Rating:  4 of 5 Stars

LOVE AT HIGH TIDE is the perfect summer read!  Whether you’re at the beach, by the pool, or in the house trying to stay cool, Christi Barth’s latest romance will get you in the mood for some hot summer lovin’.

Darcy is ready to relax a while before making her the next move in her carefully planned career and the beach is the perfect place to do it.  However, since she spent the last few years in the desert, she wasn’t prepared for the ocean.  Luckily for her, she was saved from potentially drowning by hunky Cooper, an ex-cop looking for some solace of his own at the beach.

The attraction between Darcy and Cooper is instantaneous but neither of them is looking for a relationship.  So they decide a vacation fling is the perfect way to spend Darcy’s week at the beach.  But wouldn’t you know it, while trying to avoid anything permanent, they find that their feelings have other ideas.  So, when it’s time for Darcy to leave they may realize that a week isn’t nearly long enough.

I thought this book was adorable.  I loved the way Darcy and Cooper interacted with each other.  They had great banter right away.  I found my self chuckling at the back and forth between the two.  They were such wonderful people that you had no choice but to want them to end up together.

Now, while I liked Darcy and Cooper, I have to admit that Darcy’s best friend Trina really stole the show for me.  She was hilarious.  Flighty to Darcy’s serious, I had no idea what the woman was going to do next.  She really provided a lot of the comic relief in the story.  I loved that she added a bit of mystery to the plot that I was totally not expecting. I was really happy to see that things worked out for her as well.  I certainly wouldn’t mind having a follow up story featuring her.

LOVE AT HIGH TIDE definitely had some sexy moments in it, but there was nothing graphic or gratuitous in the story.  Don’t get me wrong, I like graphic and gratuitous plenty, but that wouldn’t have worked for these characters.  I appreciated the way the author handled their romance by balancing the steam with keeping true to the characters.

This is my first novel by Christi Barth, but it definitely won’t be my last.  LOVE AT HIGH TIDE had it all: romance, humor, mystery, and fun characters.  I loved the author’s voice, so I really want to check out more of her work.

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