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Review: Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy by Vanessa Redmoon
My Rating:  3 of 5 Stars

BLOOD LEGACY by Vanessa Redmoon introduces us into a wonderfully interesting, post apocalyptic world where the Vampyrs have seized control of the government and humans have been reduced to little more than blood slaves.  The heroine, Raven, publicly works as an Administrative serving the vampires in their businesses and dutifully visiting the Donation Center weekly to give them a pint of her blood. Secretly she works for the Resistance gathering information in the hopes that someday her efforts can help set humanity free. It is both a dream and a nightmare come true when she is assigned to the staff of Victor Bresslov, a powerful Prince of one of the most prestigious Vampyr families. Raven fears him and knows he could kill her very easily, but surprisingly she also finds herself very attracted to both him and the promise of violence.

This novella is quite tantalizing and I want to sink into this dystopian universe further. The set up promises delights, which the book doesn't quite deliver though. The cliff hanger ending indicates another installment is planned which hopefully will fulfill the promise of BLOOD LEGACY. There are some very hot sex scenes, but be warned they are full of blood and violence. This book sets up what could be a great series, but is more of an introduction than an entire story itself. The fantasy world is quite detailed though and the characters are very engaging.

There were a few stumbling blocks in the story, which pulled me out of the action and caused a bit of head scratching. Characters seem to make choices without sufficient motivation or at least without sufficient explanation, and their actions can be a bit incongruous. There is a strong BDSM element to BLOOD LEGACY, but the actions and reactions of the characters don't really adhere to its normal practice. A typical master uses very deliberate, sometimes cruel, actions to craft a particular response from the recipient. Victor's actions seem more random, and when the reader is led to expect one response from Raven, sometimes she has the opposite reaction.  Some of these flaws may simply be issues caused by the short length of the novella resulting in a lack of space for the author to fully explain the whys and hows of every situation.

Overall, I recommend giving BLOOD LEGACY by Vanessa Redmoon a try. It's a fairly short read and not expensive at $.99, but will leave you wanting more sex, blood, and intrigue. This series definitely has promise.

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