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Review: Kissed by Twilight

Kissed by Twilight by Kitrisha Rasmussen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There is not a lot I like more than two people seeing each other from across a crowded space and immediately discovering an undeniable pull towards each other. Such was the case in Kitrisha Rasmussen’s KISSED BY TWILIGHT when Allie and Matthew made eye contact at the UMMA, the underground fight club where Matthew, aka the merc, was fighting. From that moment on I was captivated as Allie found herself in a bad situation and the merc came to her rescue.

But then, sexy smoldering mystery man got a little creepy and I started to lose my pull. There have been plenty of books where a guy came into a girl’s room uninvited and I thought – ooh, this is hot. But in Matthew’s case, it was definitely bordering on creepy and stalkerish. Maybe it’s the entrance. Show up at her window at all hours? Yes. Be inside hiding in a dark corner for God knows how long? Not. Hot. Then there was his reciting of her entire personal history: every place of employment, date of birth, parents’ full names. Again, too much. I’m surprised he didn’t rattle off her bank account number and balance. I think that’s where I started to feel like it had taken the ingredients I’ve enjoyed in other books and took it a bit too far.

Also, and this may just be me, but I cannot take a sex scene seriously if it includes the word hoo-haw. I. Just. Can’t. Everything else in the sex scenes between Allie and Matthew? Good. Describing the reaction she’s having in her hoo-haw on five different occasions? Not good.

I loved the passion between the two and Matthew’s dark side. I loved getting to hear about Matthew’s time as a Navy SEAL and especially when he finally opened up about his past and what happened to his brother, Jayce. And most of all, I loved how he was there for Allie when she experienced a personal tragedy. I thought all of those moments really made this story special in its own right and showed a lot of potential. But for me it took a little too long to get to that point – at the beginning the Navy SEAL background felt contrived for dramatic effect, particularly when he was explaining the purpose of SEALS after Allie made the mistake of saying his job seemed romantic, like a modern-day knight.

"I and my brothers exist to keep the darkness at bay. And it takes some darkness to fight darkness; otherwise you can’t know how to exterminate it. Warriors exist somewhere in twilight.”

I like the quote, don’t get me wrong. But it didn’t feel like something natural that would come out of Matthew’s mouth. All in all, I found myself with a mixed reaction to KISSED BY TWILIGHT – sometimes captivated and sometimes wearing a befuddled frown. Still, there’s something to be said about getting close and personal with a hot Navy SEAL; you just can’t go wrong there!

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