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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: A Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson

A Simple Touch by Natasha Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A SIMPLE TOUCH had me enraptured with Jordan and Blake’s obsessive love. I loved the feel of the story – the gotta have you, crazy alpha love.

Jordan has suffered through a lot in her life and as a physical abuse survivor, she is terrified of any male contact. She has filled her life with work and school; constantly motivated by a need to keep moving, keep distracting herself. But when she meets Blake Barnes, he doesn’t know how to take no for an answer and is determined to get to know Jordan any way he can.

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of surprised Jordan liked Blake as much and as quickly as she did given her history with violence and Blake's knack for turning red or going all crazy at the littlest things people did to Jordan. But since I don't have that history I thought it was a HUGE turn on. He was so protective of her, hovering and controlling over anything that could scare, hurt, or bother her in any way. He was loving, doting, and a touch domineering. On the other hand, he was also extremely sensitive to Jordan’s aversion to male contact and almost as soon as he met her he caught on and made obvious efforts to avoid her getting intimidated or scared. I don’t know how many guys would have been so in tune to her emotional needs and I loved him for it! I would have liked to see the two take a little more time to fall in love and Blake a little more time before he professed his intentions to spend forever with Jordan, but I loved it despite the quickness of their relationship. I loved everything about sexy, smoldering Blake and wouldn’t mind borrowing him if Jordan needs a day off here and there.

A SIMPLE TOUCH was just my kind of crazy, passionate, all-consuming love story and I give it 4.5 alpha male stars. I’m beyond excited to read Dacey's story in A Simple Man next - if it's coming from this author it's guaranteed to be a steamy, whirlwind kind of read.

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Jordan Thomas doesn't have the time or the physical capability to even contemplate being in a relationship. Her past has altered her present so much that she has no choice but to perfect her shields and harden her heart. No man has come close to breaking through those shields in two years.

Until Blake.

Blake Barnes is exactly what Jordan is trying to stay away from but he refuses to let her attitude and proneness for disasters stop him from what he make her his. Little by little, Jordan's will crumbles under Blake's relentless pursuit. All she has to do is find the courage to stay...

Can she give him what he wants? Can he be what she needs?

*18+ up due to adult content*

Author Bio:

A resident of Texas, I spend most of my days trying to turn my three girls into polite young ladies (it's not working). To somewhat keep my sanity, I spend my nights writing about love and the crazy, and sometimes beautiful, things that life can throw your way. My husband couldn't be happier because I'm much easier to live with now.

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