Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Deeper

Deeper by Blue Ashcroft
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A 5 star review for me is a feeling – it goes beyond meeting certain criteria I deem to be important and creates that indescribable feeling I get reading certain books that take me to another place. It makes me feel, and makes me never want to finish but unable to stop reading either. I cannot tell a writer how to create that feeling any more than an author can tell me how I should feel about a book. DEEPER did that for me. DEEPER for me is about broken people who are struggling to stay afloat, barely living, until they find someone equally broken who finally allows them to feel again – and maybe, with any luck, to one day heal.

I loved how possessive Knight was – how controlling. You see this in plenty of adult novels these days, but not so much in New Adult, and I adored it. I thought it was the perfect amount of assertive sexiness without going over the top. Knight couldn’t help but want to protect Rain – and Rain couldn’t help but put herself in danger in order to protect everyone else. Perfect fucked up combo. And I’ve never really noticed how great swimmers bodies were before – but now it’s all I can think about!

Why did I spend all of my college weekends at football games when I could have been at swim meets? What was I thinking? Why were my priorities so out of whack? The way Rain described Knight and his ken doll lines made me swoon!

Sorry, where were we? Oh yah, I’m writing a review of DEEPER, not just thinking about perfect male abs. Another thing I loved about this book were the lines (not the ken doll lines - though those were definitely a favorite - but the quotes) - they were angsty, deep, touching and romantic.

She’s trying to cut me loose to protect me. But it’s like she’s running me over with a small train to avoid possibly running me over with a bigger one.

Some things are worth fighting for. And even though I know the price of a fight fought and lost, I want to fight this fight for her.

I felt every emotion these characters expressed – I believed it, lived it, knew it like I knew myself. I could completely identify with their pain – and why they made the choices they made. And I absolutely fell in love with their love story. Their broken, twisted love story. I also really liked the two points of view – I thought it flowed well and was a perfect way for the reader to embrace both characters and their feelings/emotions equally.

I wouldn’t have minded if the intimate scenes were a little more descriptive. I’m not asking for a lot, I thought it was really well done and I could feel the heat – but if Rain is asking if what they just did could be considered sex and I thought the lowest he got was kissing her belly button, you can see where I might be confused. A few extra details might have clarified some of that for me.

All in all, I thought this was a spectacular display of a broken love story – call me a glutton for punishment but this angsty, dark love story was the perfect read for me and I’d love to spend more time with Rain and Knight!

**Copy provided by the author/publisher (via NetGalley) for an honest review.

**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

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I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Great review! Bummer about the editing, YAY for a new hottie to lust over! I can't wait to check it out :-)

preppea said...

Thanks! I drooled all over my kindle with this one; Knight = lifeguard = YUM!

I ♥ Bookie Nookie said...

Oh... Chad said i'm not supposed to lick the iPad... is that not normal?

preppea said...

You're asking the wrong girl - I thought that was standard procedure! I pull up my review just so I can stare at these abs - over - and over - and over again...

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