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Review: True

True by Erin McCarthy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Call me a sucker, but I love a good nerd story! Even better when the nerd finds true love *sigh.* Author Erin McCarthy does a great job with her first book in this genre, New Adult; I’m not sure why I am surprised though because she is one of a hand full of authors who sucked me into chic-lit years ago.

I like the grocery store. It's very organized. It soothes my mathematical soul.

Quite possibly the best line of the book, one in which I can totally relate ☺

Rory is the smart girl. She has her shit together and big plans for the future. Everything in her life is rolling along quite nicely until a little “liquid courage” has her spilling the beans to her roommates about being a virgin. *GASP*! This concept is totally foreign to her two roommates, who also happen to be total whores… Lol… Yes, really and they are so happy about being firmly planted in whore-ville.

I get so sick of slut shaming, you know? It’s like a guy can fuck anyone he wants and no one says a word. But we’re not supposed to have physical urges at all. We’re supposed to want to have sex only because we’re in love, and the truth is, my body doesn’t seem to know the difference. It just knows it likes touchy.” She grinned at me. “Lots of touchy.”

In an effort to rid Rory of her perceived problem of virginity at twenty-years-old, the helpful whores enlist the assistance of resident bad boy, Tyler Mann to strip her of her innocence. Although they mean well, they never stop to think about how it might make Rory feel if she ever discovers they actually PAID Tyler to sleep with her… That’s the problem with whores; they are stupid… Well-meaning and attempting to be a good friend they best way they know how, but stupid. They also overestimate the power of the almighty dollar and underestimate Tyler and his inherent goodness.

Tyler’s life is tough. He was “raised” by a drug addicted mother, a mother who has absolutely no right to even breathe the same air as the four wonderful boys she brought into this world. Tyler is a true survivor despite the rough patches he has been forced to traverse in his relatively young life. I am a firm believer that goodness prevails and I was happy to see him get his happily ever after.

Watching Rory and Tyler find their way in life and their way back to each other was extremely satisfying. I am really hoping to learn more in future installments about their progression in their life together. This is obviously the beginning of a series and I can't wait to which couple she plans to tackle next.

If you are a fan of Erin McCarthy, then this should be an auto buy and if you are a fan of the New Adult genre, then this is a great place to start your adventures in McCarthy’s long list of great reads!

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