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Review: One Night with a Cowboy

One Night with a Cowboy
One Night with a Cowboy by Cat Johnson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Giddy up cowboy! Time to take the teacher for a good old-fashioned ride!

East Coast college professor, Becca Hart packed her bags to head out west for an interview that she didn’t even ask for and lucky for her, she had her free-spirited sister, Emma in tow because Emma is determined to loosen her scholarly sister up a bit. When Emma suggests that it might be a good idea to “experience the local culture,” Becca never dreamed that would mean ropin’ a real live cowboy for her to play with for the night!

Tuck is a tough cowboy and military man, but he’s been crushed by a woman once before and it’s been a long time since he even contemplated entertaining another one. That was before Becca showed up with her blonde mane, long legs and good-girl shyness; arousing all kinds of fantasies he thought had long since been buried. Yes, he might be able to get back in this saddle for this one; it’s only for one night, right?

Darlin’, I’ve got six condoms and all night.” His piercing gaze held hers. “There’s going to be a whole lot more than just once. Believe me. I intend on neither one of us being able to walk straight in the morning. You okay with that?

Hello? Was anyone asking me? I’m TOTALLY okay with that!

Sounds like the perfect scenario for both of them, right? Yes, well that was before they knew how good it felt to be together and before Becca landed the job as a professor at Oklahoma State University and discovered a short while later that "Tuck" was actually Staff Sergeant Tucker Jenkins AND one of her co-workers… Did I mention that OSU has a very strict policy prohibiting co-workers from dating?


Yes, well, OSU didn’t quite see it like that… and queue the dramatic music perfect for a heartbreak scene.

What great romance would be complete without some drama, a little heartbreak and some real good make-up sex? ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY was a sexy and fun story with a girl-next-door heroine and smokin’ hot hero who cares more about protecting his girl than his heart and THAT my friends, makes for a damn good read!

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